The New Zelfs Series – and a Limited Edition Zelf too!

Who doesn’t love cute toys with funky hair? If you haven’t seen Zelfs yet they are just that – cute collectible characters that have the most amazing hair since trolls in the 1990’s!


LP was sent her very first Zelf last week, but not just any Zelf, a Limited Edition Mary Go-Round, the Carousel Pony Zelf. This Zelf comes complete with a comb, three hair ties and a horseshoe charm and is one of only 400 available in the UK. Plus, it’s only available on redemption – if you collect Zelfs receipts worth more than £30 this year you can have your very own Limited Edition Mary Go-Round Zelfs.


The new sixth series of Zelfs is our next month and they are so fun that any child will love them. Zelfs each have their own character and personality, based on animals or people and all with that trademark hair that you can brush and put into styles.


LP loves her new Zelf and I know that it will be the start of a collection – she has already been asking for more Zelfs. They all have different super powers, different Zabitats where they live and different character traits. They all look so different and yet look so lovely lined up together too.

Zelfs can be used to act out stories and role play – this is only limited by the child’s imagination. They can also be kept in a pocket or bag, taken on adventures, holidays or weekends away and are the perfect companion for any child.


Since our Zelf arrived LP has taken her everywhere with her – and had her beside her bed at night. She loves putting her hair up in the morning, taking it down again before bed and brushing it pretty much constantly. Her Zelf will be a friend for years.

*The Limited Edition Mary Go-Round Zelf is only available by redemption and  Zelfs fans can also join the Zelfs club for more competitions and Zelfs news!*


Disclosure: We were sent the above product for the purpose of this review however all opinions are my own.

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