Review: The New Hogwarts Express Expansion at Warner Bros Studios #HogwartsExpress

Last week we were lucky enough to be invited back to the Warner Bros Studio Tour to see their latest addition – a permanent expansion that features the Hogwarts Express! I couldn’t wait to visit again after our last visit a few months ago.

The Warner Bros Studio Tour really is amazing. Although Hubby and I visited previously, this time we noticed so many more things that we hadn’t seen last time and I think no matter how many times you visit there will be new things to see and notice.

The Warner Bros Studio Tour takes you through the Great Hall with costumes and table settings like in the movie. You then wander past other sets – the Boys Dormitory, the Common Room, The Weasley’s House, Hagrid’s Hollow and many more familiar places from the Harry Potter world. Everything is exactly as it was in the movie and is so realistic.






The whole tour gives away secrets from the movies, show you many props and even teach you things – like green screen effects and how to cast spells. There is something for every age at the Warner Bros Studio Tour and you can even have your photo taken flying the Weasleys’ car or on a broomstick.




In the middle of the tour is the new expansion which is incredible. For me Hogwarts Express really makes the tour and is the highlight of the day out. The Hogwarts Express train sits in the middle of the station platform, surrounded by luggage, station signs and even a shop on the platform.




You are able to go to the Hogwarts Express train and see how the carriages looked throughout the movies and on the platform you’re able to sit in a carriage and see how green screen is used to show the world passing by in the movies.


For me, Hogwarts Express is something that people will visit the Warner Bros Studio Tour just to see. it makes you smile, makes you have a sharp intake of breath and keeps you in awe the whole way around. Hogwarts Express definitely brings you into the world of Harry Potter and whilst you are on that platform you forget you are on a set and for that time you are in a movie and it really is an amazing feeling.




After seeing Hogwarts Express you walk through into another new part of the tour – the Cafe and Bar areas. This is a great addition and turns the Warner Bros Studio Tour into a whole day event rather than just a couple of hours. Having somewhere to sit and relax, eat and take some time out is the perfect addition.


After a quick Butterbeer stop we carried on through the exhibition to see the Weasleys’ Car, Godric’s Hollow, Privet Drive and the Knight Bus before heading indoors to see much deeper into the behind the scenes world of Harry Potter with how the costumes and sets were designed as well as make up and special effects.



We then got to walk down Diagon Alley, one of my favourite parts of the Warner Bros Studio Tour with so much detail and so much to look at – again there was lots that I hadn’t noticed last time.



At the end of Diagon Alley you reach the piece de resistance of the Warner Bros Studio Tour with a scale miniature of Hogwarts. Even though it’s miniature, it is still vast and impressive. It’s so realistic and being able to walk around it and take it in from different angles with atmospheric music in the background is wonderful and a great way to near the end of the tour.


You then walk through Ollivander’s Wand Shop and see wands with names of all the cast and crew on them before entering the huge gift shop.


Even though I have now been to the Warner Bros Studio Tour twice I can’t wait to go again. I am sure there are things I didn’t see, props I didn’t notice or things that I just didn’t take in but I would go again just to see Hogwarts Express, Diagon Alley and the scale miniature of Hogwarts. The Warner Bros Studio Tour is magical from the first time you walk through it and it stays with you long after you leave. Hogwarts Express is a great expansion and whether you have been to the Warner Bros Studio Tour previously or not it would be well worth visiting to see the Hogwarts Express.

Disclosure: We were invited to the Warner Bros Studio Tour for the purpose of this post however all opinions are my own.

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