Netflix, Hello Fresh and Scooting #LittleLoves

This week has been a pretty stressful but lovely week. We’ve had more work done to the house and it’s very, very nearly finished – which is making it stressful. I cannot wait to say that it’s finished!

But, amongst the stress I need to focus on a few nice things for the week. So here goes:


Well, yeah. I haven’t read anything. Massive fail. Moving swiftly on…


March is National Bed Month and to celebrate Netflix sent me goodies so I could spend even more time in bed, watching my favourite Netflix shows. But, I finished The Good Wife! What a great show – I loved all of it, got really engrossed in the storylines and loved the characters – if you haven’t watched it – go watch it!

A couple of months ago Hubby and I watched the new Annie movie and as much as I enjoyed it I couldn’t help feeling nostalgic for the classic little ginger Annie but we couldn’t find it anywhere available to watch online. But, a few nights ago Hubby saw it had popped up on Netflix and so we sat and watched it with a glass of wine – I loved it just as much as I did when I was a child.

I’ve been looking for a new series to watch on Netflix and tried to watch Santa Clarita Diet. I managed half the first episode and turned it off – I just don’t get it. I guess some shows are just not made for some people – and that one is just not for me.

Instead I watched You Me Her. It’s only ten episodes and I watched them in a few days but jeez, what a way to live! Without giving any spoilers away it’s about a married couple who bring another woman into their relationship. It’s worth watching – but it’s nuts. It just couldn’t happen.


I have had this song in my head since watching Annie. It was a song that I loved as a child and used to sing to myself and I still love it now.


This week we have been able to use our new kitchen – YAY! We had a Hello Fresh box delivered on Monday and have had some really lovely meals from it. I can see us cooking so much more now – and enjoying a glass of wine whilst we cook too.


Little Man got to wear his safety helmet for his very first scoot home from school this week. The sun was shining and he has been literally begging to go on his scooter for months and I’ve put it off because of the building work. I can’t refuse any longer and so now Little Man is a fully fledged scooting little dude. He loves it.

and lastly…

I’ve decided to take part in Vlog Stars to try and do more videos. Earlier in the week I shared my first one – Guilty Pleasures and if you haven’t seen it yet, here it is:

Have a lovely weekend everyone!

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13 thoughts on “Netflix, Hello Fresh and Scooting #LittleLoves

  1. It seems like you’re very close to finishing your house, how exciting! I am directing/choreographing the KS3 musical this year at work, and chose Annie. I am having lots of fun (combined with lots of stress, ha!). I really want to try some Hello Fresh boxes, the meals always look great. Enjoy your weekend xx
    Stacie recently posted…IKEA, Moloko and A Grey Lounge #LittleLovesMy Profile

  2. Love Annie! I get what you mean about Santa Clarita Diet, it’s weird as hell, but I found it funny enough to keep watching when I wasn’t squirming in my seat that is. Bet you’re thrilled you can finally use your kitchen. Gotta love Hello Fresh boxes, we tried one when they first started and I loved it. I’ve bought them as gifts for people too, such a fab idea and the quality and recipes are brilliant. Have a great weekend x
    Mum Reinvented recently posted…A Sunday Walk, Beauty and the Beast and a Girly Day #littlelovesMy Profile

  3. Oh hooray for the working kitchen. Bet it’s a relief to slowly get it all back and the builders out. lol Can’t beat scooting we have been really making the most of lighter days after school scooting together. Food looks delicious. And how awesome is that ibeanie. I got one this week same package and it’s been amazing using it for books as much as my ipad too. Best little lap pad ever. Hope you are having a great weekend. #littleloves

  4. I won’t go near the Santa Clarita show as I am terrified of zombies. I agree about shows not being for everyone I couldn’t get in to Breaking Bad or Stranger Things despite the rave. The food looks fabulous, nothing better than a brand new kitchen to cook in. Have a good week.
    Angela Webster recently posted…Living Arrows 12/52My Profile

  5. Cold kfc — ewwwww!!! Haha I loved your guilty pleasures until that one. I bet you’re so happy that the building work is nearly over! The food from Fresh Box looks absolutely divine. I’ve just looked them up and I love the idea behind them. I also really adore the shark helmet too! I’ve just got my netflix package and I can’t wait to have an excuse to binge watch some new shows. I’m going to try You Me Her, but I really don’t know if I’ll like it :/ xx #littleloves
    Chloe Ciliberto recently posted…SWIMMING WITH PENGUINS AT BOULDERS BEACH IN CAPE TOWNMy Profile

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