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Munchkin are a brand I love but they have gone one step further now with Munchkin LATCH. Munchkin has reinvented infant bottle feeding with their new LATCH range.

Munchkin’s goal is to help new mums reach their breastfeeding goals and the revolutionary Munchkin LATCH bottle feeding system is designed to offer mum everything she needs to make the transition from breast to bottle feeding as natural and comfortable as possible, for both mum and baby.

LATCH is the result of a 3 year programme of in-depth research, and testing. The LATCH feeding system has been developed in partnership with Lactation Consultants, Midwives, Health Care Specialists and a panel of Experienced Mums.

What makes LATCH so different to other feeding systems is that the LATCH teat has a truly innovative accordion base that moves, stretches and pumps, just like the breast, ensuring baby establishes and maintains a proper latch and continuous connection to help reduce the symptoms of colic. As baby grows, so does the LATCH teat range. Stage 2 and 3 teats allow Mum to increase the flow as baby’s feeding demands increase.

The slow flow rate of the LATCH teat mimics mums’ breast milk flow for a more natural feed, whilst the unique anti-colic valve on the base of the bottle ensures air bubbles do not pass through the milk, reducing the risk of colic.


The LATCH accordion-style teat and anti-colic valve system offers a truly natural feeding experience because it:

1. Helps baby sustain a NATURAL LATCH: Experts agree a proper latch is achieved when Mum’s nipple reaches all the way back to baby’s soft palate. The unique accordion-style teat on LATCH gently flexes and stretches like the breast helping baby to latch correctly

2. Provides a more NATURAL FEEDING experience: When breastfeeding, baby controls the flow of milk by applying pressure to the base of mum’s nipple. The LATCH bottle mimics mum by compressing to release more milk as baby pushes against the teats base, for a comfortable and fulfilling feed

3. While feeding, provides NATURAL MOVEMENT as the accordion-style teat flexes as baby moves her head providing a continuous latch, reducing the ingestion of air. The one way, easy to clean anti-colic valve located at the base of the LATCH bottle allows for milk to flow while ensuring air bubbles do not enter the milk or travel through it.

The LATCH feeding system is such an innovative product that is unlike anything I have seen before in the baby feeding market. When I had LP I was worried about things like nipple confusion and didn’t use bottles at all. With Little Man I only used them when I really had to be away from him for a few hours. I would have loved for LATCH to have been around when I was starting breastfeeding – It sounds like LATCH would work well alongside breastfeeding and would be a fantastic product however you decide to feed your baby.

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57 thoughts on “Munchkin LATCH Competition!

  1. I love that it gives breastfeeding mothers another option + therefore less pressure to solely breastfeed. LATCH sounds like a perfect option for another alternative to breastfeeding compared to regular bottles. 🙂 x

  2. It provides a more natural experience so better for baby and more assuring for mothers. I also think it is great that they help to reduce wind as there must be nothing worse than swallowing air!

  3. I love the fact that baby will still get a breast feeding experience but my other half can also feed him/her when he/she arrives this Christmas!

  4. I love the accordion style teat as I find my daughter sometimes twists and moves around, this could also help her hold a bottle. She breastfed about 90% of the time, but this would be helpful for the 10% she is fed expressed breastmilk

  5. I love the fact they are more natural than other bottles on the market and mimic the effect of breastfeeding. I have had problems before with baby rejecting the breast after using bottles.x

  6. Like the Natural Aspects of LATCH. As more suited to baby, therefore may be more appropriate to baby needs. Wonder if it prevents and / or reduces wind, colic etc.

  7. The way the teat is designed to be the closest thin ever to the breast.These bottles are fabulous and are the best I’ve tried.Could do with some new ones though.Hint hint.

  8. I love that it makes bottle feeding feel more natural for babies and that it gives breastfeeding mums another option 🙂 x

  9. The anti collic is the most amazing thing ever! Stopping my daughter having such bad wind would be a god send, as she suffers terribly 🙁

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