Review: Munchkin Bath Toys

We love Munchkin bath toys and what better way to christen our shiny new bathroom than with a selection of shiny new bath toys for the children to use in the lovely new bath?!


Munchkin sent us a few bath toys to try out and the kids were immediately excited. All their old bath toys had been packed away for the bathroom renovation and so the sight of a selection of brightly coloured Munchkin toys got them so excited!

The first toy the children played with was the Wonder Waterway. This is a classic stacking toy made of three parts. Each part can be filled and the water showers out the bottom. When all three parts are stacked and water is poured in the top it makes the middle sections of each piece move around. This proved to be great fun for the children!




LP and Little Man loved filling the pieces with water and showering each other with them, stacking them, knocking them over and then filling them with water and watching what happened.

The children also loved the Swimming Bath Bugs that come as a set of two – handy as they could have one each – and swim around the bath when you pull their tails. The bugs’ wings spin around to make them move around the bath and LP and Little Man found this hilarious. They also loved being able to pull the bugs’ tails out by themselves.



The last toy we were sent was the Magic Colour Lily Pad Stacker which is such a great toy for learning. Not only is it a stacking toy but parts of each piece change colour when they are put in warm water. LP loves remembering which order the stacking flower pieces go in and Little Man loves the squirty frog – any squirty toys really.



We were also sent the Corner Bath Organiser which was perfect as our new bathroom didn’t really have bath toy storage in it. The bath organiser fixes easily onto the tiles using suckers and holds a good amount of toys – it even has a window in the front so children can easily see what’s in it. The material is mildew resistant and lets any excess water fall through too!


As the children are getting older they’re getting more and more independent in the bath but I know that they’ll be playing with Munchkin bath toys for a long time to come – they’re just so much fun!

Disclosure: We were sent the above products for the purpose of this post however all opinions are my own.

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