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My trusty iPhone has been on it’s last legs for a while now so when it came to time to upgrade it I couldn’t wait! There was one thing bothering me though – I would need a new case for the new phone! I’d had a Mr Nutcase cover on my previous phone for quite a while and had got so used to it that when they gave me the chance to review a new phone cover I couldn’t wait to see what options they’d have for my iPhone 5s.


The Mr Nutcase website is really bright and colourful with cartoons everywhere making shopping a nice experience. Choosing a cover for your phone or iPad is really easy by selecting the type of device you have followed by whether you would prefer a lightweight case, a leather flip case or a harder wearing wrap around plastic case. I chose the lightweight case and spent some time browsing the options available.


With Mr Nutcase you have the choice of adding one or more photos to the cover and there are a range of designs available – a simple grid of photos, one solo image or something more technical. I chose to just have one photo on the case and it was easy to upload the image – a replica of my blog’s header.


Photos are easy to adjust – flip, change the size and rotate – and before you know it the case is ready! There are options to add text, clipart of background colours but I was happy just using the photo upload option. Postage is included in the price and the phone cover arrived incredibly quickly.

So far I’ve found the case to be easy to fit, hardwearing and nice to hold – there isn’t much else you could want from a phone cover really! I’ve now had two phones both with Mr Nutcase cases and I doubt I’ll ever have a personalised case from a different brand.


Disclosure: I was given a code to order the above case for the purpose of this review however all opinions are my own.

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