Review: Monkey and Chops Weekly Activity Planner

We were recently sent the Monkey and Chops Weekly Activity Planner to review and as we hadn’t used anything similar in the past I wondered how LP – and the rest of the family – would take to it.


The Weekly Activity Planner is magnetic to help it stick in a convenient place – we have put ours on the fridge at the right height for LP. It comes with a selection of activity magnets as well as a few blank magnets to create your own activities as well as some photo frame magnets.


The Weekly Activity Planner is set out with the days of the week. The idea is that you plan out the week ahead on the planner so that the child knows what they will be doing each day and learns the days of the week too. LP has loved looking at what she is going to be doing on the following day and likes moving the Monkey and Chops magnet on to the right day each morning.

The activity magnets cover a really wide range of activities and I like that there are five school magnets to cover the whole week. The photo frame magnets are a great idea and I’ll be getting a photo of LP’s Nanny so that she knows which days Nanny will be looking after her and her brother.

The set also includes a dry wipe marker pen that you can use to put your child’s name at the top of the board and also to annotate things on the planner like extra activities, reminders or what the children thought of each day. The pen wipes off easily just with water and writes on again with no problems at all.


The Weekly Activity Planner has really helped LP have more of an understanding of the days of the week and what happens on each day. It’s also nice that she now is able to visualise what days Hubby and I will be working on, which ones she’ll spend with Nanny and which day is her swimming day.

We’ve found the Weekly Activity Planner to be really well made, hard wearing and the magnets work really well – better than a lot of fridge magnets we own. I am now looking to invest in other products from Monkey and Chops as I am sure they will last both children and still have life left in them.

All Monkey and Chops products are shipped from Australia but shipping to the UK is just $5 AUD which is great value and inline with standard postage prices within the UK.

The Weekly Activity Planner has an RRP of $24.95 AUD

Disclosure: We were sent the above product for the purpose of this review however all opinions are my own.

28 thoughts on “Review: Monkey and Chops Weekly Activity Planner

  1. I like the idea that it can show when i’m working so my boys understand the days for nanna’s house x

  2. Sadly, it would probably be nursery and work. But I might come up with something fun to change things up.

  3. What would be first on the board? I’m not sure — it depends what we’re doing on the week when we start using it :-).

    I can be sure that those five school magnets would be the most well-used of the lot. But it’s easy to see how putting the airplane magnet up would really help build up the excitement before a holiday. That’s one to look forward to, for sure.

  4. I wish it was the plane for holidays! This week would be school but from summer holidays it would be a lot more enjoyable. Love this idea!

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