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I am always looking for ways to help me get more active and have a healthier lifestyle. I was sent the MisFit Shine to review from the lovely people at the Science Museum Shop and couldn’t wait to get it out of the box and set it up.



MisFit Shine is a wearable activity tracker that records your steps through the day, any activities you do and how you sleep at night. It’s a one stop shop for monitoring your lifestyle.


Inside the box you get the MisFit Shine, a battery, a tool to open the back cover of the Shine and then two straps, one for wearing MisFit Shine attached to clothing and one for wearing it as a watch. The instructions are clear and to set MisFit Shine up you remove the back cover using the tool. This was the first tricky bit as both Hubby and I couldn’t get the cover off. In the end the tool scratched the back cover so we gave up and used tweezers instead – much easier!


You then insert the battery and click the back cover on. Then you simply install the app, turn bluetooth on and sync the MisFit Shine with your phone. This takes literally minutes and you are then good to go.


In the app settings you tell MisFit your weight and height as well as how many activity points you would like to earn in a day. This was completely new to me as usually on activity monitors you put in how many steps you’d like to do or how many calories you’d like to burn. The points system is purely a number which I still find difficult to relate to meaningful numbers but I started off with the ‘inactive lifestyle’ 600 points option.

The first full day of using MisFit Shine it told me that I had earnt 1200 points and I hadn’t worked too much harder than I normally would so I increased my daily aspiration to 1000 points and thought this would be realistic to achieve regularly – the great thing about MisFit Shine is that you can continually change your targets to make them work for you.

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I wear MisFit Shine as a watch and it is easily the most comfortable activity monitor I have ever worn. It also looks great when at rest and when you wake it up – You simply tap the front of the Shine twice and lights around the edge of the face light up to tell you your progress for the day and then it changes to a clock face using lights which doesn’t take long to get used to – a static light for the hour and a blinking light for minutes.

MisFit Shine also monitors your sleep and unlike other activity trackers you don’t have to tell it you’re going to bed it just knows. MisFit Shine has been logging my sleep correctly at 7-8 hours a night, a lot more than I realised. It also monitors the quality of your sleep and apparently I only get 2-3 hours of restful sleep a night. I know I move about a lot in my sleep but that figure was quite a shock to me – I’m unsure if it’s correct but I do always feel tired, this may be the reason.


I have loved using MisFit Shine. It fits into my lifestyle perfectly – I can wear it in the shower, out for a run and throughout the day. It even works as a watch so you don’t miss having a watch on your wrist when you’re wearing it. It’s easy to sync by making sure bluetooth is turned on and then pressing a button on the phone app. I do this each night before bed and again in the morning to see how I’ve done during the day and how my sleep quality has been.

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MisFit Shine keeps a month of data in the app so you can look back and see how you’re doing. You can update your weight with it, log activities you have completed and ven store photos of food you have eaten. Add to this that you can connect it with other popular apps such as My Fitness Pal and you have an all round great gadget that is designed to monitor your activity and help you on your journey for a more healthy lifestyle.

I have now been using MisFit Shine for a few weeks and really the only criticism I have is the tool to open the back cover – other than that I absolutely love it and would recommend it to friends above other fitness monitors.

Misfit Shine has an RRP of £79.95 and is available in 4 colour options

Disclosure: We were sent the above product for the purpose of this review however all opinions are my own.

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