Review: Miniscule: The Valley of the Lost Ants

LP and Little Man love finding new things to watch on TV and as LP has been learning about ‘mini-beasts’ at school she was excited to watch Miniscule: The Valley of the Lost Ants when it arrived on DVD.


Miniscule: The Valley of the Lost Ants is set in a peaceful clearing in the heart of the woods where an abandoned picnic becomes the site of a frenzy between the little critters of the wood. The whole film is centred around the plucky black ant, Mandible, and a little ladybug who he finds hiding inside a box of sugar in the picnic.

Together, Mandible and his ladybug friend protect the black ant’s anthill from the red ant warriors in a really lovely tale of teamwork, friendship and fun. It’s completely different to any other DVD the children have ever watched but they were engrossed throughout. It was amazing to see the world from a bug’s eye view and both LP and Little Man loved the characters – especially the ladybugs!

Miniscule: The Valley of the Lost Ants has an RRP of £7.99

Disclosure: I was sent the above product for the purpose of this post however all opinions are my own.

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  1. I’m a huge Disney fan so that’s so difficult…my fave film is probably ‘The Jungle Book’ but I love the ‘modern animation’ movies too – Toy Story, A Bug’s Life & Shrek! Modern ‘family’ movies always have more cheeky in-jokes only the grown-ups would understand. x

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