Review: Mellow Duck Footstool

Hubby and I have been looking for a new footstool for quite a while, since the last one was destroyed by a combination of cats and children! When Mellow Duck gave us the chance to review one of their pods, a Cayuga square footstool, I couldn’t wait for it to arrive.

Mellow Duck produce a range of seven different pods so there is one to suit every room in your home and every personality with a selection of six fabric types, each of which is available in a variety of colours. Our Cayuga pod is in the Glastonbury cotton-mix faux leather fabric. It’s hard wearing, easy to clean and stain resistant so perfect for us with small children. Having put it to the test it really does wipe clean incredibly easily and as yet it has no obvious signs of wear so really stands up to life with children.

Review: Mellow Duck Footstool

Review: Mellow Duck Footstool

The Cayuga pod, although for us is mainly used as a footstool, can also be used as a side table or seat and the children love to sit on it as it’s the perfect height to climb up on to. It’s made from hardwood with foam padding and the faux leather fabric on top. It also has small feet on the bottom which help to move it around the room and keep it incredibly stable when in use.

Review: Mellow Duck Footstool

We found that the Mellow Duck Cayuga pod was a really good size at 30cm x 40cm x 40cm and Hubby and I would often share it as a footstool, plenty of room for two! Mellow Duck aim to make it simple to update your home and add a splash of colour at any time, whatever your needs. Their products are diverse and have so many uses that a side table one day could easily be a seat the next day with no effort at all. Our Cayuga footstool has fit seamlessly into out lounge and gets moved around the house as we need it – into the kitchen for the children to sit on, in front of the TV as a footstool or even a side table next to our bath. We’re loving finding new uses for the pod and each day it becomes something different.

Review: Mellow Duck Footstool

Review: Mellow Duck Footstool

Review: Mellow Duck Footstool

The Mellow Duck Cayuga Footstool has an RRP starting at £130

Disclosure: We were sent the above product for the purpose of this review however all opinions are my own.

133 thoughts on “Review: Mellow Duck Footstool

  1. I just L❤️️️️️️️️VE the Pekin (circle) in Buckingham Charcoal Plaid….So many exquisite pods to chose from and the materials are beautiful

    1. Ooops, should have read the question!! Ha ha!! I love the purple Muscovy ottoman – would love this for our bedroom! 🙂 x

  2. I’d have the Aconda (drum) in Glastonbury Orchid (Leather). This would fit perfectly as we have this colour in our living room. It could be used as a footstool, table, seat for someone and I’m sure the children would love to pretend it’s a drum. Lovely products!

  3. Not entering, just wanted to share the fact that I sat laughing at that last picture. It looks like they’re all sitting on the benches and steps watching a concert or something.
    I think this should be my last coffee…

  4. i’d love the crested in faux leather, super cute for my nephew who is going to be with us within the next 24 hours 😀

  5. I would either have the one in the picture as it would go well in my bedroom or one in brown vinyl type fabric to go in the living room

  6. I would Certainly get the Pekin (circle) in the yellow leather i believe it is?
    Mainly for the kids room! 🙂 its so wonderful! x 🙂 thanks for the chance

  7. this is a really nice giveaway been after getting a footstool for a while i would choose if i won the Pekin model in a sandrigam print maybe the charcoal/fucia one

  8. I’d choose the Cayuga because it’s just the perfect size for a footstool! I love the Glastonbury fabric in teal but I also like the Malham MinkDuckEggStripe

  9. I’d choose the Pekin in the teal-blue fabric (not sure of the name because the fabric options was struggling to load) x

  10. I’ve got 49 shades of grey in my living room and that grey Mellow Duck Pod is just the right shade to make it 50. 🙂

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