Meeting the Florasaurus at Westfield, Stratford #PoweredByPlants

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Today we went to visit Flora’s Florasaurus in London. The plant powered diplodocus is at Westfield, Stratford until Monday and then it’s off on it’s travels to Manchester from 7th to 10th April so I’m pleased we managed to squeeze in a visit before it moved across to The Trafford Centre!



The Florasaurus is just one part of a temporary exhibit where children can learn all about the power of plants, more about the foods they eat and the nutritional value of food – all in a really fun way – and also break up a shopping trip for the whole family.


LP was feeling a bit under the weather when we visited and so didn’t want to take part in the activities but her brother was more than happy to get dressed up in an explorer outfit – complete with binoculars – and team up with other children in search of the Florasaurus.


The children got to work their way around different activity stations, completing different tasks and getting their passport book stamped as they went. Little Man loved learning more about where the foods we eat come from, which plants they all start out as and the journey of a sandwich from field to plate.





Little Man and his new friends learnt a lot about dinosaurs too – and even got to roar as loud as they could in the Roar-o-meter! All of the children had a great time and getting their photos taken with the Florasaurus at the end was a definite highlight!



The whole area of free activities for children really help them to understand that plants are a vital part of our diet, full of good fats and Omega-3 and 6, which our bodies can’t make naturally – which is why Flora is packed full of plant goodness with all the oils in Flora coming from plants. Everything was in simple terms for the children to understand and even Little Man at nearly three really enjoyed himself.


If you can’t make it to Westfield or The Trafford Centre to get involved in the Florasaurus activities then Flora, in partnership with The Eden Project, have put together a pack of activities that you can download here and enjoy as a family at home. The pack includes everything from recipes to word games, fun facts and even a trumps style game to play.

There is also going to be a fantastic competition soon so keep an eye on Flora’s Twitter page for a chance to win family tickets to the Eden Project!


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