Review: Magic Blackout Blind

Since the children were young we have always used blackout blinds with them to make a consistent sleeping environment. There have been times though where we would have loved to have a blackout blind but just didn’t have one with us – holidays, weekends away or just a night at a friend or relatives house. When I was asked to review the Magic Blackout Blind from Magic Whiteboard I hoped it would be a great fix for these occasions.

Review: Magic Blackout Blind

Review: Magic Blackout Blind

Magic Blackout Blind is a roll of ten sheets of plastic material that can be placed on windows to stop light coming through. The roll of sheets is perforated and each sheet can be reused. The sheets stick to the windows using static and felt to me like a thick black plastic bag but obviously much better quality!

Review: Magic Blackout Blind

The sheets stuck well to the windows although it took a few attempts to get the sheet in the right place and took about four sheets overlapping slightly to cover one of our standard size windows. With the sheets in place the Magic Blackout Blind worked well and did exactly what it was meant to – kept light out. It made the room much darker than it would have been without and I was impressed by such a simple concept.

The sheets are kept on a roll inside a box with a slit in for easy access to the roll. My only slight criticism is that the roll is hard to access once you have used the sheets and it would be nice to roll the sheets back around the roll for storage without damaging the box but this seemed impossible and instead I undid the box to enable storage.

Each sheet can be used numerous times and can be cut to size if needed although for larger windows the sheets can overlap quite a lot rather than cutting them to size, making them easier to reuse in future.

Review: Magic Blackout Blind

I think Magic Blackout Blind really fills a gap in the market and taking a few sheets on holiday with you would take up next to no space in a suitcase. Magic Blackout Blind may seem expensive but when you consider that each sheet can be used up to 100 times it shows how much value is in this one pack – up to 1000 sheets worth of usage! I love the Magic Blackout Blind and know that we’ll be using it on holidays in the future.

Magic Blackout Blind has an RRP of £30.00

Disclosure: We were sent the above product for the purpose of this review however all opinions are my own.

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