Review: Love From Lapland

I love Christmas, I always have done but my love of the festive season has gone up a notch since having children – and it’s at it’s peak now that LP and Little Man understand that Father Christmas will come and all that comes with it.

Now that LP is learning to read and write I am looking forward to a time when she can write her own letter to Santa but this year she had a very special delivery from the north pole thanks to Love From Lapland.

Love From Lapland create personalised letters or gift sets from Santa to your child. They come through the door, addressed to your child and beautifully packaged in a way that even I believed where it had come from.

Review: Love From Lapland

When we opened the package it contained a letter for LP, a Nice Certificate, a Christmas tree charm, reindeer food and a candy cane. To me, this isn’t just a lovely festive gift but a little bit of magic in a box. This is the sort of thing that helps keep the magic of Christmas alive and I know that getting one of these deliveries each year would be the cherry on the Christmas cake for the children.

Review: Love From Lapland

Review: Love From Lapland

The letter is completely personalised, addressed to the child and naming siblings too. It says what the child wants for Christmas – in LP’s case a pink car – and it even explains what to do with the charm, reindeer food and candy cane – even reminding LP to brush her teeth afterwards!

Review: Love From Lapland

This whole Love From Lapland set is beautiful and it would make a wonderful Christmas surprise for any child. It’s great quality and something that you can keep in a memory box for years to come. The last date for ordering from Love From Lapland is 9th December and all parcels are sent 10-12th December.

Review: Love From Lapland

The Love From Lapland Gift Set has an RRP of Β£8.50

Disclosure: We were sent the above set for the purpose of this review however all opinions are my own.

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  1. My little girl is 3 so it’s her first year of understanding, and she is so excited, she can’t wait to send her letter to Santa, we went to see him with her nursery last year, half of the children were scared of him but my Megan stood in front of him, bent her hands to her knees so she could talk to him and asked for her peppa pig bike and baby born dolly, all of her teachers were all smiling at her they thought it was really sweet, she has been asking me since September to go back to Wiggleys farm and see him again, so we’re waiting until he arrives and going to see him, I can imagine her face if this came through the letterbox xxxx

  2. We are about to ‘inherit’ two Grandchildren who will join our Grandaughter when our daughter gets married very soon. So would gift this great prize to the youngest, who is such a shy sweet child.

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