Review: Little Tikes Seat Pal

Following on from my Little Tikes Stroller Hooks review I was sent the Little Tikes Seat Pal to review which is another in the range of products produced as part of a collaboration between Little Tikes and Diono.

Little Tikes Seat Pal

Have you ever been in the car with your toddler and they’ve wanted a drink? Snacks? Toys? Or have you ever wondered where to keep a packet of wet wipes? An emergency nappy or tissues? The Little Tikes Seat Pal attached inside the car to create a handy storage pouch that’s easily accessible. It has two velcro straps that can fit around any arm rest or the handles inside the car doors. They contents can then be reached by the child and you can keep whatever you need within reach.

We’ve been using the Little Tikes Seat Pal for LP in the car and although we don’t have arm rests for it to attach to, we have attached it to the handle on the inside of the car door and it’s just the right position for LP to reach easily. We’ve been keeping her drinks cup in there and she’s got the hang of putting it back once she’s used it and it has saved a lot of instances of drinks cups rolling around in the footwell or having to pass them backwards and forwards. We also keep her snacks in there when she has them in the car and LP carries a handbag of toys everywhere with her – has been having great fun taking the toys out of her handbag and putting them in her new little pouch! Hours of entertainment for a two year old.

The Little Tikes Seat Pal is another of those things that you don’t realise you need until you have it – such a simple idea that has saved us so much time and those little annoyances on long car journeys. If you’re forever passing your child their drink in the car or they’re forever dropping it and you’re having to fish behind your seat for it whilst driving down the motorway then I would recommend getting the Little Tikes Seat Pal. Ours will be living in the car from now on!

Little Tikes Seat Pal  Little Tikes Seat Pal  Little Tikes Seat Pal

Disclosure: We were sent the above item for the purpose of this review however all opinions are my own.

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