Review: Little Tikes Stroller Hooks

I love finding new accessories and gadgets to make our lives easier – whether that’s out and about, in the car or at home and so I was excited to hear that Diono and Little Tikes are working together to make a whole new range of products – some of which are available now and others will be released in the future! I’ve had the opportunity to not only review a set of Little Tikes Stroller Hooks but also to give away a set to one competition winner – read on to find out about the stroller hooks and to enter a competition to win your very own set!

Little Tikes Stroller Hooks

The Little Tikes Stroller Hooks come in a pack of two. The hooks swivel 360 degrees and have a universal fit – we have a pushchair with a chunky foam handle and the Stroller Hooks fit perfectly! I’ve always had hooks in the past that have either been in one static position or ones that you need to open to get bags on and off. This set of stroller hooks pivot so that when you put bags on they move whichever way you need them to. You can also turn them to suit the best position for you – if you need to hang a change bag from them using both hooks for example. Carrying shopping on them was a lot easier than my previous hooks – as I added more bags then hooks turned to accommodate the extra load and hold them in the best position. Bags can be added and taken off with one hand – rather than having to undo the hook to take things off. I did worry that this may mean bags would fall off by themselves but this wasn’t the case – the hooks were deep enough to hold a lot of shopping with no issues – the only time a bag tried to jump off them was when I shopped in a well known ‘cheap’ high street store that gives paper bags with wide handles. The flat handle didn’t stay on the hooks very well but this wasn’t an issue – I just put that bag in the shopping basket instead!

Little Tikes Stroller Hooks  Little Tikes Stroller Hooks  Little Tikes Stroller Hooks

Overall I’m incredibly pleased with the hooks – they feel very sturdy, stay on really well, hold quite a lot and I don’t feel like they’re going to snap like other plastic hooks I’ve used in the past.

Disclaimer: We were sent a set of Stroller Hooks for the purpose of this review but all opinions are my own.

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