Review: Lick My Dip Subscription Box

Any regular reader will know how much I love a subscription box so when Lick My Dip got in touch to introduce me to their Hot Sauce subscription box I couldn’t wait to try it.

Review: Lick My Dip

Lick My Dip send a box each month that is full of hot and spicy treats that are perfect for any chilli lover. The box contains a selection of products that could be hot sauces, confectionary, snacks, marinades, pickles or anything else foodie and chilli!

Our box had four great spicy products in it:

  • Sidekick Screaming Peppe Extra Hot Sauce
  • Chilli Hornet Sweets
  • Ghost Pepper Psycho Corn
  • The Twisted Chilli Tindaloo Mix

Review: Lick My Dip

Lick My Dip comes well packaged and the products are great quality, making it a great treat for yourself or a gift for someone else. The longer you subscribe for the cheaper the box is each month too!

Review: Lick My Dip

Hubby loves all things spicy and he loved the contents of the Lick My Dip box – especially the popcorn although we both weren’t keen on the Lick My Dip name – it doesn’t shout spicy subscription box to me which is a shame as everything else about the service is fantastic and definitely something to shout about.

Disclosure: We were sent the above box for the purpose of this review however all opinions are my own.

77 thoughts on “Review: Lick My Dip Subscription Box

  1. my favourite spicy product are spicy wedges which are available from supermarkets fridges in their party food range, but they are only available for about a month each year

  2. I love jalapeños for a little bit of a kick and flavour, but I do like to bring out some Jamaican hot sauce from time to time!

  3. In China I found these roasted peanuts which were then fried in red chili peppers and prickly ash – fresh from the street stall are fab but also great from the supermarket – they’re a new thing

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