Review: Learning to Swim with Zoggs and Peppa Pig

LP has been learning to swim for a year now and her confidence has grown steadily. In her lessons she uses a pool noodle and floats to help her across the pool as well as toys to chase around and keep on the float as she swims. To help us continue this swimming practice at home Zoggs sent us some swim products to use when we take LP and Little Man swimming outside of LP’s swimming lessons.

Review: Learning to Swim with Zoggs and Peppa Pig

Zoggs Inflatable Pool Noodles are a great idea, not taking up any room at all in a swim bag and yet inflating easily to a good size for any child learning to swim. LP and Little Man were sent one each – a pink Peppa Pig one and a blue one with Peppa’s brother George on it. Swimming is so much more exciting for LP and Little Man when they’re engaged in what they’re doing and the simple addition of Peppa and George really keep their minds on swimming. LP and Little Man love having a Pool Noodle each and as a parent I love how compact they are and easy to store.

LP and Little Man also love their new Peppa and George floating friends who they swim towards when we’re in the pool. LP also loves to put Peppa on the end of a kick float whilst trying to keep her in place as she swims to the side of the pool. The amount of games you can play in a pool just with a Peppa and George are endless and LP and Little Man love them – outside of swimming lessons they live in the bathroom, no surprise there, and LP always loves that they’re having baths with her.

Review: Learning to Swim with Zoggs and Peppa Pig

Lastly, we were sent a Back Float that isn’t something that LP has used in swimming lessons before. The design is fantastic, fastening around LP’s middle and letting us remove floats as LP’s swimming ability grows. The size of the float is great and LP finds it comfortable although she isn’t confident without a float in her hands too at the moment so we’re combining it with the Pool Noodle and LP loves to use both at the same time.

LP is right at the start of her swimming adventures really, and Little Man will be starting lessons next year. I love that we now have the tools to practice with LP and Little Man outside of swimming lessons and they both really love the Peppa Pig aspect. Everything seems better with a happy little piggy on it!

Disclosure: We were sent the above items for the purpose of this review however all opinions are my own.

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