We’re Konfidence Swimologists – Here’s a Giveaway to Celebrate!

Over the last couple of years I’ve seen other bloggers work with Konfidence as Swimologists. It has given me a huge awareness of the brand and with this year being our first where we take the children abroad Konfidence products have been on our list of ‘must haves’ for our time in the pool and at the beach.


So with that in mind we are delighted to announce that Konfidence have chosen to work with us, and four other awesome blogger families, as Swimologists this year. We’ll be putting their fantastic swim products to the test over the coming months and we’re even going away this weekend to pack in some swimming action and get started in our Swimologists role – more on that when we get back!

If you haven’t yet heard of Konfidence then you really should check them out. Konfidence invented their Original Jacket and Float Suit, things that I see children wearing every time I go swimming whether it’s in the UK or on holiday. From there they have expanded to have a whole vast range of swimming aids, clothing and accessories for the whole family – from the tiniest baby up to adult ranges too. It’s all designed to give the wearer confidence in the water, even if they don’t have full swimming abilities.


LP has been having swimming lessons for about 18 months now and Little Man will be starting his in September. We go swimming at every opportunity and although neither LP or Little Man can swim very well at the moment they both have so much enthusiasm and a natural love of the water so I’m sure Konfidence will help support them, and reassure Hubby and I, whilst the children are learning to swim.

To celebrate our fantastic collaboration with Konfidence we are giving away a Β£50 Konfidence voucher to one lucky reader. To be in with a chance of winning just complete one or more entries on the Rafflecopter below. Good luck!

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79 thoughts on “We’re Konfidence Swimologists – Here’s a Giveaway to Celebrate!

  1. The dive stiks have been a massive favourite of ours for years now. I got some at the Baby Show when Seb had just started swimming and as a toddler it gave him confidence to get wet in the shallow water. Now he is six, he is diving for them, D is swimming underwater as his spotter and Little B is the toddler in the shallows following in her big brother’s foosteps!

    It is a close call between those and the flashing blinkies though, I get a new set for them every now and then and they are always a massive hit in the pool and for ‘disco bathtime’ as well πŸ™‚

  2. We have so many Confidence products but my favourite are the sun hats. The peak is so large and the neck cover brillant

  3. I like the float swimsuits, such a clever idea, wish they did that kind of thing when my older children were young.

  4. I’m not entering the competition, but just wanted to say that a few months ago I won a babywarma wetsuit for my baby granddaughter, and we were all delighted with it. It provides additional warmth so that baby can spend longer in the pool, and it’s adjustable so baby doesn’t grow out of it too quickly. If you are planning on swimming sessions for your little one, I can thoroughly recommend it.

  5. I love the Original Konfidence jackets too …. they are so much easier than putting on and taking off armbands all day …. πŸ™‚

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