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I am always posting photos online of LP and Little Man playing and after seeing a photo of LP playing with Lego Kollector Bags sent me a message, telling me all about their bags and asking us if we’d like to review one.


Kollector Bags create bags for… well, pretty much anything really! The idea is that the bags open out to create a really good size play space and when the children have finished playing the bag simply scoops everything up and closes with a drawstring. Storage and a play space in one.


We have been using our Kollector Bag for a few weeks now and LP loves it. We’re using it to store Lego and she loves that all the pieces are inside the bag, even when it’s spread out and she can easily see the contrasting colour pieces against the purple background of the bag.



Our Kollector Bag is the larger size but there is a smaller version too. They come in five different colours and all secure with a statement yellow cord and toggles. Kollector Bags are made from a really durable canvas and can be machine washed Β a great bonus!



We’ve loved having the Kollector Bag around the house and LP loves playing Lego using it. I love how easy it is to tidy up afterwards and I am already looking around the house for other things that we can keep in Kollector Bags too!

Kollector Bags vary in size and have a starting RRP of Β£17.99

Disclosure: We were sent the above product for the purpose of this review however all opinions are my own.

90 thoughts on “Review: Kollector Bags

  1. My son is collecting a lot of lego at the moment and having been looking at storage ideas so this would be perfect

  2. Lego! At the moment my kids store their lego in a big tub. When they want to play with it, we tip it out onto a blanket so it is easier to put back into the bucket. The bag looks fabulous!

  3. Lego for my daughter – she is just getting interested in her brother’s Lego and it would be great for her to have her own storage πŸ™‚

  4. Thomas the tank engine and friends engines, track etc. As favourite toys at present time, and Kollector bag would be great way to keep the collection together for transporting to Grans for weekend stay etc.

  5. My 3 year old daughter always empties her kitchen utensils, food, Peppa figures, Mega blocks and Lego over the floor, I literally pick them up around five times a day, luckily she’s started school 9-3 so I now only have to clear them three times a day, that’s without her books and teddies, she emptied all her toy boxes then sits on the sofa and doesn’t play with them after two minutes, and they drive me crazy so I pick them up, then five minutes later she decides she doesn’t want them put away and starts all over again lol xxx

  6. It would have to be Lego. I am forever hovering up or standing on bits of Lego my Son has left in our shaggy living room rug. This looks like the perfect solution!

  7. Lego, it looks perfect, my daughter gets it everywhere and not good when we have a dog so this would make life alot easier.

  8. My daughter has hundreds of shopkins, lps, my little ponies, etc. that would go perfectly in this. I was just working on storage ideas for her playroom on pinterest and had seen this and pinned it earlier today πŸ™‚

  9. This is fantastic! My little girl has a wooden train set, with loads of rails, trains, little buildings, trees etc and this would be absolutely perfect for keeping it all together!

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