Review: Kids Kit Peli’s Play Pouch

Storing bath toys is one thing that gives us a constant headache – trying to store them safely, out of the way and confined but able to dry, not get mouldy and be accessible for the kids. When we were sent the Kids Kit Peli’s Play Pouch to review I thought it might be just the thing we needed.


Peli’s Play Pouch comes in three pieces that are easy to slot together and with sticker eyes that you peel and stick in place. I would have preferred these to be ready stuck as it was quite tricky to put them in place without creases but once they were stuck and Peli’s Play Pouch was in one piece we attached it to the side of the bath.


There’s a vice style attachment on the back of Peli’s Play Pouch that grips the side of the bath. Unfortunately for us, as our bath has a wooden frame around it, Peli’s Play Pouch doesn’t fit smoothly against the side but it’s easy to see how it would fit flush onto a standard shape bath.


Peli’s Play Pouch sits on the side of the bath and his mouth can be opened and closed to put toys in or take them out. Peli’s Play Pouch has a large capacity and the netting bag can be removed easily to wash it in the washing machine.


The netting bag on peli’s Play Pouch lets water drain from the toys and even wash the toys as it sits in the water whilst the kids are having a bath. This makes it quite a hygienic product for storing toys compared to other products where toys are left to stagnate on the wall or side.


The children love sharing their bath with peli’s Play Pouch and find it easy to put toys in and take them out. He has made bath times even more fun for the children and we’ll be using him in the bath indefinitely as the children love him!

Peli’s Play Pouch has an RRP of £14.99

Disclosure: We were sent the above product for the purpose of this review however all opinions are my own.

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