Review: Jessops Children’s Passport Photo Service


One of my plans for this year was to get the children passports. We have no immediate plans to go abroad but I think if we got passports we’d be more likely to plan a break away or even just pop over to France for a day trip – the sort of thing Hubby and I used to do before children.

I’ve been looking for somewhere to get the children’s passport photos taken when I found out that Jessops offer a passport photo service and I was offered the opportunity to review it. I booked an appointment at my nearest Jessops store in Reading and took both children after LP finished preschool one day.

The Reading Jessops store is quite big, over two floors and at first it wasn’t obvious that they offered any photo services but I spoke to the staff who set up their mobile photo studio in the corner of the store. A white blind was pulled down to create a backdrop and a stool was placed in front. The children then took it in turns to sit on the stool whilst their photos were taken. One staff member took the photo whilst the other held a reflector to give a better quality picture.


The staff members were fantastic. LP refused to look at the camera for quite a while, looking around the store instead and Little Man kept touching his face, looking away and generally being a bit difficult although they both stayed sitting on the stool. The staff were great with both LP and Little Man and I didn’t feel rushed at any point – I got the impression that they would spend as long as it took to get the perfect passport photo and it’s nice, especially with children, to feel at ease and not as if you have a time limit.


In the end Jessops managed to get great photos of the children and I spoke to the Manager about how they cater for younger children who can’t sit up. He explained that a cushion on the floor is used with the same reflector and camera set up and I can imagine it being a lot easier to take a baby passport photo when they’re laying down.

Overall the Jessops passport photo service was fantastic and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to others, I just wish that Jessops made more of this great service with more displays advertising it in store.

Jessops Passport Photos cost £9.95

Disclosure: We were invited to try the above photo service for the purpose of this review however all opinions are my own.

4 thoughts on “Review: Jessops Children’s Passport Photo Service

  1. We recently had Annabelles passport photo taken in Jessops too and the girl taking them was so patient was a very fidgety Belle, haha. Great service! How adorable are your little ones passport photos!! What cuties! x

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