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Most women experience issues with their pelvic floor muscles after pregnancy and childbirth. There are exercises that we are told to do, regularly, and all women know they should be doing pelvic floor exercises but do we actually remember to do them or even know that we are doing them right?

You can now do your pelvic floor exercises on your mobile thanks to the Pelvic Floor Trainer app, a new Danish app with pelvic floor training exercises for women. The app has been developed by leading Danish physiotherapists, midwives and gynaecologists and is based on evidence based knowledge and research so that you know the advice you are getting is straight from the professionals!

All women who have given birth should do pelvic floor exercises – and preferably do them for the rest of their lives. A strong pelvic floor can prevent a series of gynecological problems and most women know this, but many women also know that their pelvic floor exercises are not top of their priorities. However, there are a lot of good reasons to keep squeezing, and the new app “Pelvic Floor Trainer” can help you do just that. A well-trained and strong pelvic floor can help prevent urinary incontinence and bladder prolapse – problems that many women have but very few talk about.

The Pelvic Floor Trainer app contains an introduction to the pelvic floor muscles and a series of pelvic floor exercise programmes – from beginner level to a transportation-squeezing-programme which is designed specifically for situations with waiting time like on the bus or in the queue at the supermarket or post office – It’s amazing that you can do a really good exercise routine on your pelvic floor whilst passing time that would usually be wasted in a queue!

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Pelvic Floor Trainer app is currently number one on the list of most sold medical apps in the Danish App Store and is developed by physiotherapist Ulla Due, gynaecologist Karl Møller Beck and midwife ph.d Sara Kindberg. These three people are also the team behind GynZone, a company working with women’s health.

One person who has been using the app is Tanja Nielsen, a mother of two. She has been doing pelvic floor exercises whilst using the app since her youngest son was born eight months ago.

“Straight after giving birth I could not squeeze at all. I found the lack of control of my pelvic floor frightening. Especially because I did squeezing exercises before and during my pregnancy. Suddenly I couldn’t control when to pass urine. For a period of time I did wet myself. I was nervous and wondered if I was ever going to be my normal self again”, she says.

For Tanja Nielsen it is important that the app has been developed by professionals.

“For me it is a guarantee of quality that professionals with knowledge in this exact area have developed the app and the programmes in it”, says Tanja Nielsen. She did the beginners level in the app a few times a day and after a months time she regained control over her pelvic floor muscles again.

“I did advance quite fast to the next programme level because it was really effective. I could feel the difference after less than a week. After about three weeks I felt that I had regained control”, she says.

The app is called “Pelvic Floor Trainer” and can be found in the:

You can also access the pelvic floor exercises at

If you feel that your pelvic floor isn’t quite what it used to be, download the app and give it a try. It’s amazing what you can do with your phone nowadays! I’ve downloaded the app and will be giving it a go the next time I’m waiting for the kettle to boil. Go make yourself a cup of tea and do some pelvic floor exercises too!

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  1. OMG I really should get this app – I never do them even though I know I should. The minute I read the title of this post I was like “whoops” and started doing the ‘exercises’! I should get the app but I’m worried it will become like the Livestrong App – it was set to alert me everyday to log my calories and it wasn’t until about 6 months after the last time I logged that I finally switched it off. I guess in this case, however, all it takes is the mere sight of the word “pelvic floor” and you’re away! xx
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