Introducing Merlo London – the Perfect Fathers Day Gift

You may not have heard of Merlo London before but once you see their beautiful range of wallets you will find them hard to forget. Merlo London create smart wallets that combat card clash – where tap and go travel systems like Oyster cards can have the system jammed by contactless cards kept in the same place.

Merlo London have created a range of four different wallets that solve the card clash problem, look beautiful and are made of really good quality leather too. The wallets keep travel cards separate from contactless cards, security passes or anything else and many even have space for notes, coins and all those reward cards too. Their patent pending technology is selective – it blocks the cards inside the wallet while allowing cards in the outer pockets to be read. So you can be sure the right card is charged, every time.


My husband gets the train into London for work and the Merlo London wallet lets him keep his Oyster card in one section, his bank card in another and store anything else he needs safely too. I am now looking at buying every other Dad in our lives a Merlo London wallet for Fathers Day as they are just such a great idea and solve such a modern problem too!


But Merlo London wallets aren’t just for Dads – or even men. As a busy Mum I know how hard it is to keep a small child entertained whilst paying for shopping but with the Merlo London wallet I can just take it from my pocket and put it on the contactless reader – no faffing and so much time saved.


But I remember those days, before kids, when I used to go out all the time, to concerts or bars and clubs and I always wanted to carry as little as possible. I could now head into London with just a Merlo London wallet in my pocket and my door key in another, not needing to take a bag with me – one less things to lose!


Since I first came across Merlo London online I have been impressed with not just the card clash solution but the impressive quality, the compact design and the neutral appeal of the wallets. Merlo London will be releasing more designs as they grow and I can already imagine a range of vibrant coloured Merlo London wallets to appeal to every personality – but for now the brown leather option is neutral, timeless and perfect for any commuter, busy parent or pretty much anyone on a night out.


Disclosure: I was sent the above wallet for the purpose of this post however all opinions are my own.

101 thoughts on “Introducing Merlo London – the Perfect Fathers Day Gift

  1. The one I like I know my boyfriend would not so I had a look through them all and I reckon the on the double card wallet would suit him best. These are gorgeous thank you for the chance to win

  2. My hubby would love the Express-Obillfold wallet, it’s slim & has plenty of pockets which he prefers 🙂

  3. I Love the EXPRESS-O
    BILLFOLD WALLET i would love to win this for my husband. Thank you so much for the chance x

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