Innocent Five A Day Giveaway! #InnocentFiveADay

Last week we were invited along to Innocent’s Fruit Towers to have a day of fun and find out about their new Fruit and Veg Smoothies for Kids.



We had a really great day where LP and Little Man found out all about fruit and veg whilst playing so many fun games, making their own smoothies and even painting using fruit and vegetables instead of paint brushes – they had a blast!




Innocent‘s new Fruit and Veg Smoothies are a great natural way to get a portion of fruit and veg into your children as each smoothie contains one of their 5-a-day and there’s a wide variety of ingredients such as beetroot, carrots, apples and pumpkin which make them a great way to enjoy lots of different fruits and veg.


LP and Little Man loved the new smoothies and they would be perfect for lunchboxes. The smoothies come in two flavours:

  • Pineapples, Apples and Carrots
  • Strawberries, Apples and Beetroot

DSC_1177_2 wedges_v1

We’ve been really lucky that LP and Little Man eat fruit and veg all the time – both as part of a meal and as snacks. There are definite favourites and others that they’re not so keen on but we have never really worried about them getting their 5-a-day. If we were, the smoothies would be a great way of topping up the fruit and veg in their diet.

To celebrate the start of a new school term I have teamed up with Innocent to give away a class full of innocent fruit & veg smoothies to one lucky reader! Innocent will deliver them to your home or child’s school ready for their class to enjoy. If you would like a chance to win just complete one or more entries on the Rafflecopter below. Good luck!

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78 thoughts on “Innocent Five A Day Giveaway! #InnocentFiveADay

  1. I always chop different fruits up for my boys so they have a selection in one bowl, i find they tend to eat more of it this way x

  2. Make it fun, cut funny shapes, fruit kebab. Let them choose their favourites when you go shopping. Let them play with the food.

  3. I think if they have always eaten them and see you eat them, then they are less likely to be fussy about fruit and veg.

  4. I feed them either veg that is sweet tasting (like carrots), or veg that doesn’t taste very strong (like cucumber).

  5. Let the help prepare them – even grow their own. My children have always been super keen to eat anything they’ve ‘created’ themselves.

  6. At moment we’re trying all differnt fruit and veg . Purple carrots , purple broccoli, purple cauliflower , purple spring onions ..

  7. If they are vegaphobes (is that a word?!?!), like my son was, I used to grate vegs up into food. For example, carrots into spaghetti Bolognese. Worked a treat!

  8. I’ve never had a problem getting mine to eat fruit, but veg was a bit harder but I’ve found adding a bit of maple syrup to mashed sweet potatoes made it a favorite for both of them.

  9. Make soups and smoothies. It’s a good way to get them to eat fruit and veg they wouldn’t normally eat. One of my son’s doesn’t like berries on their own but loves them in a smoothie. All of my children will eat just about any veg when it’s blended into soup!

  10. Always let them have the F&V that they like, even if it seems they are having the same thing all the time, at least you know they are having some!!

  11. I use flight trays at lunch time so I can put lots of different types of fruit and vegetables for the children to try – rainbow plates make for a lovely looking and tasting lunch!

  12. If my son has icecream we make it with fresh fruit in the ice cream maker, if he has pizzas we do funny faces as topping using various vegetables and he likes to make his own soup and cut it all up (usually his fingers too!).

  13. I have no problem gettin gmy son to eat enough fruit, but with veg I add veg to meals such as carrots & courgettes in Spaghetti Bolognese.

  14. Use coloured trays that divide up the veg so it doesn’t look so daunting, and give them some kind of treat if they eat it all

  15. start them at weaning age, don’t make a big fuss over something they don’t like, just try again later. When they get older, just put the veg they like on their plate and if they eat it great, if not – no pudding. For getting them to try new stuff…let them see you eating it!

  16. I started them young and I don’t really have any problem getting them to eat veg or fruit. They love fruit more, but I just cut it into small chunks and it’s gone

  17. We have always included vegetables in meals and expected the children to eat them. We also have a “fruit break”, instead of “snack time” in the mornings, so the question is “what fruit do you want?”, not “what snack do you want?”

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