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Any regular reader will know how much we love a subscription box and this month we were sent one we hadn’t heard of before – the Hot Sauce Club Hot Box! Hubby loves all things spicy and so I thought this box would be perfect. Plus, who doesn’t love a bit of spice to warm up the colder autumn days?!

Hot Sauce Club have a variety of boxes depending on if you want to sign up to a subscription or just buy a one off box to try the service. The longer you sign up for the cheaper the subscription is and all costs include delivery.


Each month your Hot Box will include at least one sauce, one chutney, jam or pickle, one snack or confectionary item and one powder, flake or rub. Our box contained much more than those four items and it was a great mix of products and some were just so different! Here’s the contents of our box:

  • Tan Rosie Fiery Chilli Fudge – RRP £1.00
  • Satans’s Spawn Evil Hot Gummy Bears – RRP £3.99
  • Mr Vikki’s Hot Banana Habinero – RRP £3.75
  • Sidekick Screaming Pepper Sauce – RRP £3.90
  • Mexican Ancho Chillies
  • Pickling Kit


The contents of the box have an RRP over the minimum cost of £15.00 per month based on the products I could find values for. The products are all great quality and perfect for any chilli loving recipient. Hot Sauce Club is such a great idea for a subscription box and I love the fact they offer a quarterly subscription for those wanting to spread out their chilli deliveries.


The box also came with a couple of recipe cards with ideas of how to use the products and lots of information about the products too. The overall package was well padded and everything arrived in great condition – I just can’t fault Hot Sauce Club.

Disclosure: We were sent the above box for the purpose of this review however all opinions are my own.

144 thoughts on “Review: Hot Sauce Club

  1. Dried chilli flakes as they are always in the store cupboard and can be added to anything to give it an extra kick

  2. I am from near Mexico but moved here to the UK where I really miss all the awesome Mexican chillies! I love chipotle peppers!

  3. I love chilli but I will be honest – I eat jalapeños straight from the jar as a snack!

    Sarah xx

  4. I’m a bit of a wimp myself, but my other half cannot get enough! He puts Tabasco on everything, but his real favourite is jalapenos, they manage to get into every recipe we cook together! Jalapeno shepherds pie anyone?! xx

  5. Sriracha hot chilli sauce. You can use it to spice up lots of things, even bland things like fried eggs become much more interesting.

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