Review: Horrid Henry Day of the Dinosaur DVD

We were sent Horrid Henry Day of the Dinosaur to review on DVD and as it was completely new to LP and Little Man I wasn’t sure what they’d make of it but when it arrived I was surprised at the great value of it – at only £6 it contains two DVD cases in a slipcover and contains two hours of Horrid Henry episodes.


Horrid Henry is based on a popular children’s TV series and in these twelve episodes children can watch their favourite characters – Henry is selfish and naughty, playing pranks on people and despising authority. In each episode he is faced with a problem and tries to solve it in ways that involves tricks, rule-breaking and practical jokes. Henry has a brother called Perfect Peter, who is the exact opposite to Henry – kind, thoughtful, ambitious and respecting authority and because of this Henry bullies Peter on a daily basis. But their relationship, and the problems they face make great viewing – as LP and Little Man were entranced throughout and constantly asking to watch another episode.


If you have a Horrid Henry fan or you’re just looking for something new for your children to watch then Horrid Henry Day of the Dinosaur could be a great investment.

Horrid Henry Day of the Dinosaur has an RRP of £6.00

Disclosure: We were sent the above product for the purpose of this review however all opinions are my own.

81 thoughts on “Review: Horrid Henry Day of the Dinosaur DVD

  1. I really don’t think she has just one she goes through different stages between Tom & Jerry , Horrid Henry , Scooby Doo , Doc Mcstuffins , list kind of goes on

  2. My favourite childrens TV character is Horrid Henry and he’s my daughter’s favourite too. Although, he’s very cheeky!

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