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I have been planning on joining in with Home Life Project since it started last year but due to working every Saturday until I gave up my day job in November I didn’t think I could focus enough on taking photos at the weekend to do the project justice.

So, this month I pencilled the dates of the Home Life Project weekends on my planner and made sure I took part. Each month Clare shares a creative angle for the project but this month I wanted to just take photos of a weekend day in our lives, as I usually would, to make a starting point for me. My photography has come far since I started this blog but it still isn’t great – especially indoors in winter – and so I thought this would should whether my photographs improve through this project – and using Clare’s prompts for future months. This month I’ll also talk about the weekend but in future months, as my photos start to tell the story, this may stop and it will be a purely photo based post.

The Home Life Project weekend fell on a weekend where we had no plans but where Hubby was working lates – meaning he’s at home until midday. Because of the extension work we have going on at the moment we decided on a weekend at home, sorting things out, doing odd jobs and just relaxing after our first week back at school and work after the Christmas break.

The day started with breakfast, Weetabix in the lounge – as we have no kitchen/dining room at the moment – and the children loved watching TV whilst they ate – a bad habit which will last the whole of our extension work before we have a lovely new dining table to sit at.

Whilst the children ate I did my morning blog admin. I usually take fifteen minutes each morning to just ping off any emails, make sure my posts have published and deal with anything urgent. I usually have a furry friend to keep me company too.

Leia isn’t enjoying the building work much and spends literally all day indoors at the moment. She’s constantly around us, always looking for reassurance and reminding us to feed her.

After breakfast the children played Playdoh and finished watching their TV show before giving Playdoh more undivided attention. I really think that you only buy Playdoh for the children of people you don’t like very much but LP and Little Man really enjoy it at the moment – and as the house is such a mess anyway a little more mess can’t hurt.

There is stuff everywhere at the moment – mountains of toys, the hoover and clothes airer in the lounge and just out of shot the dining table with the contents of our kitchen on top of it. The children have been amazing throughout, just accepting the state of the house, the fact half their toys aren’t accessible and dust everywhere.

At lunchtime we went to the children’s grandparents house where they played whilst I had my hair cut. Afterwards we went to the supermarket where Little Man and LP helped me buy some supplies – with one trying to read the shopping list and the other zapping as we go. Scan as you shop makes shopping so much easier – especially with children. Never before have they been so entertained at the supermarket.

We got home just in time for dinner and whilst I threw some food in the oven Little Man played on his tablet. He loves finding new games to play and has learnt so much from using his tablet too.

LP on the other hand planted a flower garden from the comfort of the sofa. We then had dinner, put their pyjamas on and read a book together before bed. It was a pretty ordinary but lovely day.

I’m looking forward to capturing more days in our lives as the year unfolds – and I’m sure next month my photos will be a little more exciting – and the house might be in a better condition for photos too!

Home Life Photography Project

13 thoughts on “Home Life Project {January}

  1. A great post Donna ad it’s lovely to see the memories you’re capturing in your pictures.
    It’s my first time joining in with the Home Life Project too. But I’ve really enjoyed capturing a few different photos.

  2. Definitely shows the story of your day. I too want to improve my indoor photography. Really love the idea behind this project think it’s going to be so nice to see the changes over the months x

  3. I laughed out loud about the play-doh comment! I’m so mean I never let Theo have any in the house, but he’s getting his fix this year at play-doh club at school. The pictures with the kids where all the stuff is in boxes are why this project is important (to me at least) it’s so easy to filter out the less than photogenic moments, but they are part of our lives and when the extension is done I bet you’ll enjoy having a record of what came before. Thank you so much for joining, it’s a genuine pleasure to have you being part of it.

  4. Eating every meal in the living room with the TV on was a bad habit we got into when we were having the kitchen done too – Toby wasn’t pleased when it was finished and he had to start eating at the dining table again! I’m so looking forward to the day when my two can play together like LP and LM – at the moment Toby only gets Playdoh when Gabe is napping because I can’t be bothered trying to stop Gabe eating it!
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