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With Hubby and I working opposite each other and two small children life can be pretty hectic. One of the most time consuming parts of my week is doing a meal plan and food shop, trying to find meals that we’ll all enjoy. Gousto recently got in touch to see if we’d like to review their service and take some of the time and stress out of meal planning.

Gousto is a subscription box service where you pick three meals for two or four people and have all the ingredients and recipes delivered to your door. Gousto makes it easy to cook something new and it gets people cooking who may not have the desire to find a recipe, make a shopping list and actually go and buy all the ingredients.

Our Gousto box arrived on a Friday and I was excited to see what was inside as, unlike normal customers, I hadn’t picked the meals we’d be receiving. Our box contained everything we needed for Potato Cakes and Beans, Beef Stroganoff and Shepherdess Pie – a vegetarian version of Shepherds Pie. Unfortunately potatoes for one of the meals was missing but other than that everything arrived in great condition with the perishables being contained in a special bag with ice packs.


I noticed immediately that the ingredients were better quality than we would usually buy – incredibly lean mince, thick rashers of streaky bacon, organic items and beautiful looking vegetables. You really do get the best of everything in a Gousto box.

The only slight downside for me is that the meals had to be cooked by Monday and Tuesday, giving only a few days to use all of the meals. For most families that wouldn’t be an issue but when Hubby isn’t home for dinner every night we ended up having to have one of the meals for lunch and one just the children had and Hubby and I had leftovers of it the following day for lunch. This is obviously something you would take into account when ordering your Gousto box.

Each meal had a clear recipe card which showed what products you needed, how long it would take to cook and a step by step method. This was the only part of the card that we found slightly confusing as it was hard to know at first whether you read down or across the page but we got there in the end!

The three meals were simple to prepare and easy to cook using the recipe cards. The Potato Cakes and Beans were enjoyed by all of us and the addition of fried bacon rashers was a big treat for us as we usually grill our bacon.



The Beef Stroganoff was incredibly moreish and something we’ll be cooking again. The beef mince was more like chunks of beef and added a lovely texture to the meal. The sauce had a really deep and creamy flavour and again it was enjoyed by the whole family.



Lastly, the Shepherdess Pie was something we wouldn’t have chosen ourselves. We don’t tend to eat vegetarian meals and the vegetable mince didn’t appeal to me – a powder that you add water to. But we cooked it and surprisingly Hubby and the children really liked it, it was only me that wasn’t keen.




All in all we loved reviewing the Gousto box service. It introduced us to new meals which we’ll be cooking again in the future and gave us new ways of cooking that we hadn’t used before. If you have a busy life and want something to take away some of the pressure then Gousto could be for you. It would also be a wonderful treat for a weekend, a special occasion or even a holiday in the UK taking a bit of the worry out of organising meals at a time when you could do with a break.

Disclosure: We were sent the above box for the purpose of this review however all opinions are my own.

142 thoughts on “Review: Gousto

  1. I have ended up ordering a box after reading this, I have picked lamb biyrani, Harissa chicken curry and the sausage caseroulet. Looking forward to getting it. πŸ˜€

  2. I love the look of the cajun chicken. Great review by the way – you describe each meal really well and your honesty about not liking the vegetarian mince made the whole review more believable. So I would be much more inclined to use Gousto as overall you are really positive and I feel I can trust your opinion.

  3. They all look delicious but as an Indian food lover I’m gonna sya the Lamb Biryani is the stand out! Happy Thursday!

  4. I would love to try the open beef lasagne ! I do like a good lasagne and we often it eat it, trying it this way is such a good twist on the normal recipe.

  5. Im not the best cook in the world, but they make it look easy! I think my hubby would be impressed if I managed to make something like the Lamb!

  6. one pot bacon pasta only because I know its a meal the children would love if I had to chose one just for me it would be chicken and saffron tagine but my kidsdont like things to spicey

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