Give your Children a Library at their Fingertips with eBookadabra

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LP and Little Man have always had a love of reading. We have read with them daily since they were tiny and now that LP is learning to read she will often read books to us, at bedtime, in the car or whenever she has the urge to read.

But, even with a house full of books, LP is always looking for more to read. She has a thirst for books that even regular trips to the library can’t fix and when we go away for weekends she seems to want to take her whole bookshelf with her.

So when eBookadabra got in contact and asked if we’d like to review their app it looked like the perfect thing to keep LP and Little Man happy where books are concerned. eBookadabra contains hundreds of books in one app, making sure that the children always have something new to read.

eBookadabra gives the children a library at their fingertips. It’s simple to set up – creating profiles for each of the children and then having access to books straight away. They have to be connected to wifi to download new books but once downloaded they stay on the children’s own room inside the app to enjoy whenever they like – even when they’re not connected to wifi.

The children are able to search for books or browse books by category. There are such a vast amount of books available and we even found some of the children’s favourites like Elmer and books featuring Disney characters too. There were also a good number of books they weren’t that familiar with, giving them something new to enjoy.

When reading a book in eBookadabra you can either read the book yourself, swiping through the pages and zooming in and out on the pictures or you can choose to have the book read to you, with each word being highlighted as you hear it. This is great for Little Man – who can’t yet ready – and perfect for LP too who can have reassurance that she’s pronouncing words correctly when she reads by herself.

As well as plenty of books eBookadabra also has games to play – word games and learning based games to give an added level of fun to the app. LP loves anything word related at the moment and these games are something she really enjoys. Each has three difficulty levels too so that they can be tailored to the child’s age and ability.

When a book has been read from cover to cover a sticker is added to the child’s online album within the app. They get awarded stickers for each book they read and for completing other activities and challenges. This is great for giving them something to aim for and an incentive if they aren’t usually as excited about reading. Each sticker also unlocks more games and activities within eBookadabra and these games and added activities make reading fun for everyone and both LP and Little Man have really enjoyed the app.

There’s also a secure messaging option where children can leave messages for their parents – and vice versa – to let them know what they’re enjoying, what they plan to read next or any other messages that they want to leave for when their parents next check in.

eBookadabra is now part of the children’s reading routine. It lets them take all of their favourite books with them wherever they go – a weekend away, on holiday or a sleepover at their grandparent’s house. It helps teach them new words, gives them more enthusiasm for reading and contains all the same beautiful illustrations as their physical books on their book shelves. I don’t think the children would part with eBookadabra now – they enjoy it too much and there are still more stickers to collect so I’m sure they’ll be enjoying it for years to come.

eBookadabra is available on both iPhone and iPad and can be downloaded from the App Store for just 99p. It’s something I am sure all children would enjoy and is definitely worth the money.

4 thoughts on “Give your Children a Library at their Fingertips with eBookadabra

  1. We are the same with our girls, reading to them every day since they were born. Since Alice started school in September her desire to be able to read grows every day. She constantly brings over to us to learn to read. It’s wonderful to see. This looks like the perfect solution to keeping up with their desire for new books to read and helping them along the way too. Also the perfect solution when you are away from home, great price too x
    Laura – dear bear and beany recently posted…Living Arrows 02/52 {2017}My Profile

  2. I actually don’t use electronic books for myself or the children but this sounds like a really nice idea. It’s great that they can have the option of being read to. Often my girls will ask me to read with them when I’m cooking dinner or something and I feel guilty that I can’t and they watch television instead. I’d rather them look at a book with it reading to them like this. Food for thought.
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