Getting LP dry through the night & Huggies DryNites Review

Back in October 2013  we potty trained LP and aside from an occasional accident here and there she has been dry during the day since a few weeks later. It made life with two small children so much easier and considering she was only a couple of months past her second Birthday I think she dealt with it all incredibly well.

But since then LP has continued to wear nappies at night. This isn’t something that bothers me as changing one nappy a day is a lot easier than changing nappies throughout the day! I was also told by many friends that her nappies would gradually become dryer in the night and that would be a sign to ditch the nappies. Well, her nappies are definitely dryer, especially since starting preschool and getting up earlier but they aren’t dry yet.

Even so, when Huggies sent us some of their DryNites Pyjama Pants, Bed Mats and Natural Care Wipes to try I thought we’d see how LP would cope with special bedtime pants and a layer of protection under her bed sheet! She loved the designs on them, so much more exciting that a normal nappy, and she looked comfortable in them too. She’s been able to pull them up and down herself and we have been leaving the baby gate on her door open so she can get up in the night if she needs to go.


So how has it been going? Well, LP has never got up in the night to use the toilet, is still wet in the morning but loves wearing pants with princesses on to bed! So for now we are carrying on as we are, nappies or pull ups at bedtime until LP shows signs that she doesn’t need to go during the night. If she is still having wet nappies at night when she’s a lot older I’ll be concerned but there are children LP’s age that still aren’t dry during the night so it doesn’t really worry me at all.

How did your children cope with potty training? Were they dry through the night straight away or did it take them a while? I’d love to hear your experiences.

Disclosure: We were sent the above products for the purpose of this post, however all opinions are my own.

7 thoughts on “Getting LP dry through the night & Huggies DryNites Review

  1. Lily was 3 when we potty trained her, she went from full time nappies to dry day and night in 3 weeks. Declan is now 4 (5 in March) and took him months to understand and get to grips with potty training he is now dry in the day but still not even close to being ready at night. Every few weeks we will send him to bed with a protector and underpants on and he will always wee and never wakes, even when he wees! So he is absolutely not ready just yet. I have no idea really what the age is for them to be dry at night. I hadn’t given it much thought :-\
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  2. D had about 8 months between being dry during the day and night and like you we didn’t worry just went with the flow and once she had got to the stage of having consistent dry nappies and taking it off to wee in the morning we took that as a sign to see if she wanted to stop the pull ups. Waiting paid off as she’s not had an accident in 4 months I’m definitely for following their lead and I’m sure LP will do great!

  3. I have two girls who were both easily trained in the day very shortly after their 2nd birthday but my eldest needed pull ups or bed mats for ages after (almost 5) and my littley was dry at night from a couple of weeks after training and has rarely had an accident since. I think it’s one of those things that can’t really be hurried and just seems to happen when they are ready.

  4. We will be starting potty training shortly with Eli. He already sits on the potty quite happily and has had a few accidental ‘deposits’. Hope it’s a simple task 🙂

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  5. I can’t actually remember how old Monkey was when he went dry through the night. I just realised one morning that he hadn’t had a wet nappy in the morning for some time. I totally wouldn’t stress about it, they all get there in the end. Have you tried a dream wee? Taking her to the toilet when you go to bed, she won’t be fully awake. I know my friend did that with her little girl who wouldn’t go to the toilet in the night by herself if she needed to.
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