Review: HappyCalc Elementary Maths Jigsaw

HappyCalc have created a space themed Elementary Maths Jigsaw and they sent Little Man one to review – as he is pretty obsessed with jigsaw at the moment! The jigsaw is really well made, on glossy coated durable board and the set contains a whopping 138 pieces of different sizes and shapes.



The jigsaw has a lovely space theme – with rockets, space ships and lots of space characters included on each of the pieces. The general idea of the jigsaw is that it there are pieces of varying shapes with numbers on them. A two piece is twice the size of a one piece and a four piece is twice the size of a two piece – and so on. Putting the pieces together can let you form equations and you can use the pieces for basic maths.


Little Man loved that he could put two four pieces next to an eight piece and they would be the same size and it really taught him more about numbers. This aspect is great for any child aged three and over who is starting to think about school and learning.


Little Man did find it difficult that this jigsaw didn’t have a set picture to create, and instead it was more free play – creating anything you like from the pieces as well as a few rockets and spaceships and things. But you could make a really big jigsaw over time of playing and Little Man loved that it could end up spread out all over the lounge floor.


The space themed jigsaw has such longevity – Little Man has learnt the basics of maths from it and loves putting the puzzle pieces together but older children would love the deeper mathematical aspect, creating equations around the space theme. I think it’s such a well made product and would make a wonderful gift for any school age child.


Disclosure: We were sent the above product for the purpose of this review however all opinions are my own.

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  2. Aside from the space theme, what other jigsaw theme should HappyCalc create next? . . . . . a family theme . . . .grans and gramps included

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