My Friend {The Ordinary Moments}

Little Man has had LP by his side literally since he was born. She has been his constant companion, his friend and sibling. She is the first person he looks for in the morning and the one he wants to say good night to before bed. They have just the best relationship.

But up until now Little Man hasn’t called LP anything. He hasn’t said her name or a variation of her name. When we ask him what her name is he just makes a hmm noise and has his thinking face on. But when we ask him where LP is, and say her name, he’ll happily point to her. He knows her name, he just hasn’t said it yet.

But recently this changed. Little Man decided he would start to call LP something, that he would have his own name for her. Now, when Little Man wants to talk about his sister he’ll call her ‘my friend’ and it makes my heart swell.

In LP Little Man has a ready made friend. For them to love each other unconditionally and to be friends are two of the only things I could want for them as siblings and it seems Little Man has realised that already. LP is his sister. She’s his sibling. More than anything though, she is his friend.


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9 thoughts on “My Friend {The Ordinary Moments}

  1. Oh this is so lovely Donna and it is so sweet that he calls her my friend. That is adorable. I definitely think that it is my favourite thing about being a Mum to two, the fact I get to witness their blossoming friendship. I hope it will always be like that for my girls, and for your two as well. x

  2. I love this Donna, it’s just the cutest! My son used to come home from nursery and when we asked to him who he had played with, he would say “my friend Holly” as the school kids used to share their playground at break times. It melted my heart every time. Long may it last for your too cuties πŸ™‚
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  3. Oh goodness how cute!! How lovely, and how true that they are best friends already. I was so sure that Zach would be an only child, but I feel more and more that I’d like him to have a little sibling to be best friends with! xx

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