Review: Fluffimals Fluffy Factory and Refill Pacls

LP has been obsessed with the Fluffimals TV advert since the first time she saw it, singing the song and asking if she could please have her very own Fluffimals Fluffy Factory and cuddly teddy. To her complete and utter amazement a Fluffimals package arrived for us to review and I don’t think I have ever seen her so excited by a toy before.


The Fluffimals Fluffy Factory lets children make their very own teddy bear. The factory comes with the pieces needed to make one bear and then you can buy extra bear kits separately, so you can make more bears without having to buy a new Fluffimals Fluffy Factory each time.


The whole set is really cute and although very pink Little Man also loved making his very own bear so I don’t think this is a toy aimed just at girls – even boys, who like teddies, would love to make their own fluffy friend.


The kit comes with personality cards which tell you what characteristics each personality has. The characteristics are represented by sparkly balls of fluff and you add the right amount to the Fluffimals Fluffy Factory to make a bear with that personality – along with balls of regular fluff. Be warned though, you need to put the right amount of fluff balls in otherwise you might overfill the bear – not all the fluff fits into the bear, just the right amount for the desired personality.


To make a teddy you have to put a light up heart inside the bear, place it onto the machine and then fill the container at the top with fluff before putting the handle in place and mixing the fluff balls up.




You then have to unlock the main handle and turn it to push the fluff along and into the bear. The children found this a bit tough to do by themselves but with a little help they really enjoyed the process of making their own bear.


The bear can then be taken off the side of the Fluffimals Fluffy Factory machine and there’s a twist cap that you place on the back to stop the bear’s fluff from falling out. The cap has a child safe twist mechanism to stop small hands unscrewing it but adults can undo it again if the child would like to make a bear with a different personality – or just have the fun of stuffing the bear all over again!


The Fluffimals Fluffy Factory is not just a toy but a great experience for any child. LP and Little Man were in awe of being able to make their own teddy and LP learnt a lot about what personality is and different character traits. The Fluffimals Fluffy Factory is something all children can enjoy and being able to buy soft toy kits without buying the factory again is great – I know that LP and Little Man will soon have a whole collection of Fluffimals animals.

The Fluffimals Fluffy Factory has an RRP of £20.00 and the Fluffimals Animals have an RRP of £10.00 each



Disclosure: We were sent the above products for the purpose of this review however all opinions are my own.

91 thoughts on “Review: Fluffimals Fluffy Factory and Refill Pacls

  1. This looks great! I think my fav. from Mookie is this, the fluffimals, it reminds me of build a bear which I’m a huge fan of 🙂

  2. I bought my little fella a Buddy Ball from them which is a cute teddy bear that transforms from a ball. He loves him so much and there’s also room to store little things in him when he’s zipped up which is incredibly handy when out and about in the car. x

  3. Swing ball as it was one of my childhood favourites…. but I think that these fluffimals are going to be huge; they look so cute when made, but the making of them looks fun and educational.

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