Review: Festive Nappies Thanks to Asda

I have seen so many cloth nappies with various festive designs – Santa, Robins, Christmas Trees. If you can think of it there is someone that has designed the cloth nappy version of it. But what if you don’t use cloth nappies? You surely just have to keep using plain nappies all year round… Well not any more.

Festive Nappies Thanks to Asda

Asda have created a range of festive Little Angels nappies that can get you in the festive spirit and I’m sure we’ll be using them into the New Year – they’ve been brightening our nappy changes over the last few days and have added an extra festive touch to Christmas. We’ve always liked Little Angels nappies and having a festive option is fantastic!

The festive Little Angels nappies are available in both Comfort Dry and Action fit and in a range of sizes for just £5.97 a pack or 2 for £10. So if you are looking for added festiveness at this time of year add some snowflake nappies to your routine!

Festive Nappies Thanks to Asda

Disclosure: We were sent a pack of nappies for the purpose of this post however all opinions are our own.

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