Our Favourite Shows on Netflix

Now that we’ve been enjoying Netflix for a few months I thought it was about time I dedicated a post to the shows that the whole family have loved to watch.

Without a doubt my favourite show has been Pretty Little Liars, which was the first thing I started to watch and within a month or so I had caught up – and now have to wait patiently for more episodes to be available.


The show is full of really strong characters and so many twists you’ll wonder whether things happened or you dreamt them! It’s a show that you’ll really get sucked into, that you have to really pay attention to and that will keep you on your edge of your seat throughout. It reminds me of all the American teen shows I watched when I was younger but a more grown up, serious version of them.

Whilst waiting for the next episodes of Pretty Little Liars to air I have been making headway with Gossip Girl, a show all about the title character. Gossip Girl is anonymous and faceless. No-one knows who it is but through the series Gossip Girl spills the secrets of the school pupils, nothing is a secret any more!


The characters are great, it feels really similar to Pretty Little Liars but with less violence and more naughtiness. As the show goes on you really get drawn into the character’s lives and how they are all seemingly entwined. It’s really great to watch the stories unfold – and I still have a few seasons left to watch!

Hubby’s favourite thing to watch is Star Trek Enterprise. He’s catching up ready for the new and exclusive Star Trek series that’s going to be on Netflix next year. Hubby grew up watching Star Trek but didn’t get a chance to watch that series when it first aired. I don’t really need to explain what Star Trek’s about – it’s so much a classic part of TV and it’s great that it’s available on Netflix.


Breaking Bad is also something Hubby enjoys watching. It’s based around the main character who finds out he has cancer and finds an alternative source of income to provide for his family. The show is really well acted and the storyline keeps you guessing throughout.


LP’s favourite thing to watch is without a doubt, My Little Pony. Netflix has so many of the TV shows available but also feature length movies that keep her entranced for over an hour. She knows the ponies off by heart and her Birthday this year had a distinct My Little Pony theme as far as the presents were concerned!


Both children love Beat Bugs, a show based around the Beatles songs. The characters are loveable, it’s full of beautiful animations and since starting to watch it LP has sang Beatles songs every day. There is something amazing about hearing a five year old singing songs her grandparents grew up with.


Another show that both children love is Ask the Story Bots. Children ask the Story Bots questions and they travel around the world trying to find the answers. I have found myself watching the show after the children have gone to bed and getting well and truly sucked into it. It has such a fun and friendly feel and an intro that reminds me of Sesame Street with that quirky mix of learning and fun.


There is just so much to watch on Netflix and I know that none of us will ever get bored. There’s always something new to watch and I’m always finding new things to put on for the children too.

Disclosure: We are part of the Netflix Stream Team however all opinions are my own.

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  1. I would agree with all of these choices. Little Miss H loves My Little Pony and she knows every song off by heart. She also owns all the ponies and they go to bed with her every night. Bless. Hugs Lucy xxxx

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