A Family Games Night with Pork Farms

Last week was National Board Games week and to celebrate Pork Farms gave us a printable set of Bingo Cards and certificates as well as Connect 4 from Hasbro to get together and have some fun playing games for an evening.


Connect 4 was LP and Little Man’s first real experience of a more grown up turn based game but, with a little help from Hubby and I, they were pretty good at playing it in no time!


Pork Farms ran the National Board Games Championship during National Board Games Week where they were giving families the chance to win a board games bundle as well as a year’s supply of Pork Farms pork pies!


We don’t need much of an excuse to play board games although usually Hubby and I play them together it was nice to instead play games with the children too and introduce them to something we love – a few hours dedicated to good company, games and nibbles!


The children were a bit young for the bingo cards but they loved getting certificates when they won a game and it was great to see them play something new together – I am sure Connect 4 will be a favourite game forever more!


Disclosure: We were sent the above game for the purpose of this post however all thoughts are my own.

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