Review: The Emergency Christmas Card Stash

Every year we get photo Christmas cards made and for us it is a little highlight of Christmas, sending our a photo of all of us or just the kids to those closest to us but because of the cost involved in printing these kind of cards we only buy just the right amount for our close friends and family.

There have been times though that we have been sent cards, by distant relatives, long forgotten friends, neighbours or even teachers at school and we don’t have any ‘normal’ cards to send, and it would look a bit over the top to send these people a card with our faces on the front. So instead Hallmark sent us an emergency stash of their beautiful Christmas cards, ones to keep for those times where you haven’t thought to send a card, where they have sent a card first and where you would otherwise be caught short on the Christmas card front.

Hallmark have a variety of cards for every person you can think of. Their cards are always beautiful, well made and lovely to give or receive – Hallmark have started our emergency stash and I’m sure I will be topping it up as the years go by!


Disclosure: I was sent the above products for the purpose of this post however all opinions are my own.

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