Review: Ella’s Kitchen New First Tastes and Weaning Guide!

I have always been a fan of Ella’s Kitchen and their ranges of great snacks and finger foods that both LP and LM have loved. Since LM started weaning he’s enjoyed loaded spoons of fruit pouches after his meals and Ella’s Kitchen recently sent us some of their brand new additions to their First Tastes range to try out.

Each First Tastes pouch contains just one fruit or vegetable – no additives, preservatives or other ‘stuff’ – fruit or vegetable and sometimes a little water to get the right consistency. I love how pure Ella’s Kitchen pouches are compare to a lot of others and Little Man seems to love them too!

Another great things about Ella’s Kitchen is that they’ve introduced a free interactive weaning guide for anyone that ‘becomes a friend’ of Ella’s Kitchen on their website. The weaning guide is fantastic – you even have the option of personalising it with a photo of your baby! The weaning guide is accessible from any PC, tablet or smartphone and is really easy to navigate between the different sections – How To’s, Do’s and Don’ts, Top Tips and Foody Fun. The interactive weaning guide is very much aimed at traditional weaning but a lot of the principles apply however you choose to wean your baby – From safety aspects, health and nutrition and exploring new tastes.

Ella's Kitchen New First Tastes and Weaning Guide!

We were sent four Ella’s Kitchen new First Tastes pouches to try – Peach, Prune, Carrot and Parsnip – There’s also Sweet Potato although we weren’t sent one as part of this review. I know that carrot and parsnip tend to be popular foods with traditional puree weaning so I was keen to see what Little Man thought of them on loaded spoons. I was slightly nervous of the Prune puree as I know that prunes are stereotypically used to aid digestion!

Little Man loved the new flavours! Carrots, Parsnips and Peaches are things that he has already experienced as part of meals with us but not as a puree and even the carrot and parsnip we gave him as ‘dessert’ after a normal meal as this is the time he is used to having loaded spoons of puree. He kicked his legs in delight at nost of the flavours and it was great trying something new with him.

As Little Man is used to sweet things on a spoon – fruit puree or yogurt as loaded spoons, he wasn’t as keen on the parsnip puree, he still ate it but had a few ‘wince’ faces as if he wasn’t enjoying it quite as much! We also found the peach puree to be very watery in comparison to the other varieties and it was harder for him to feed himself with this flavour.

Ella's Kitchen New First Tastes and Weaning Guide!

Disclosure: We were sent the above pouches for the purpose of this review however all opinions are my own.

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