A DocMcStuffins Twitter Party

Last week LP invited some of her friends over for a Doc McStuffins Twitter Party hosted by UKMumsTV. We were sent games to play, toys to play with and even cakes to eat at the halfway point.

LP loves having friends over but when she can have friends over and have a party too – just because – she loves it even more! She helped me decorate the cakes the day before and was literally bouncing up and down by the time her friends arrived.


The party was to celebrate the launch of the new Doc McStuffins Pet Vet range and so we played pet themed games like Put a Plaster on the Boo Boo – like pin the tail on the donkey! This was LP’s first experience of wearing a blindfold and she’s already learnt how to cheat!


There was then a Pet Vet Playset to play with and we played a great game of hiding one piece from the set and seeing if the children could guess what was missing – they loved this and it swiftly turned into free play with the set.



LP then took ownership of the Doc McStuffins Pet Vet outfit and gave all of her friend’s cuddly toys a check up using the Pet Vet playset before we sat down for cake and then Pet Vet themed colouring in.





The children had a great time and went home with tummies full of cake and Doc McStuffins goodie bags too – I think they’re all looking forward to more Twitter parties in the future!


The whole Doc McStuffins Pet Vet range is fantastic and LP especially loves it as we have a cat and she now insists on giving her check ups whenever they’re in the same room. Any animal loving small child would love the Pet Vet toys.

Disclosure: We were sent the above products to use at the Twitter Party however all opinions are my own.

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