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We love having family days out and as we don’t often have time together as a family we love to make the most of any days we happen to get together. 365 Tickets invited us to spend a day in London, making the most of one of their Combo Tickets to enjoy two great London attractions in one day and the children were just so excited.

Having been to Sea Life London and Shrek’s Adventure recently, both of which are 365 Tickets Combo Ticket options for visiting London, we chose to go on the London Eye and then jump on the tube to spend the rest of the day at London Zoo.


LP has wanted to go on the London Eye since the first time we visited London, calling it a giant ferris wheel. The minute we got to London and stood on the south bank we couldn’t wait to go on the London Eye. We changed our email ticket for actual tickets – which did have a long but swiftly moving queue – and joined the queue to have a flight on the London Eye.


The queue again was long but it moved quickly, pausing briefly for a paid photo opportunity and a half hearted bag search. Before long we were in our pod and ready to see London from above. One thing to be aware of is that pushchairs are taken aboard with you and have to be emptied and folded for the flight.




I haven’t been on the London Eye for at least 10 years and it never fails to amaze me. Seeing London from such a height is incredible and it was great to be able to point out all the main sights to LP and Little Man although not a huge amount are familiar to them yet.




The children loved spotting all of London’s bridges, Buckingham Palace, St Paul’s Cathedral and obviously Westminster Palace and Big Ben. There were tablets set up around the pod to give more information about the buildings in view and we were able to move around the pod to see London from different directions.




The flight actually lasts quite a long time, plenty of time to see everything and we were so lucky with the weather – we could see for literally miles. We all loved the flight and it was great to introduce the children to a new view of London. At the end of the flight we left the pod and made our way through the gift shop and back to the station.



We took the underground to Euston and walked through Regents Park to London Zoo, deciding to skip an extra tube and make the most of the lovely weather. It was a really nice walk and lovely to see a part of London that we hadn’t really explored before.


We visited London Zoo two years ago but it was so nice to go again when Little Man was a bit bigger and could appreciate it more. I’m always a bit in awe by the fact that a place so vast as London Zoo, and so green, could be found in the middle of London – such a busy and crowded city.


We started off with a visit to the Lemurs and loved walking through their enclosure although they’d obviously had a long day and were asleep in the sunshine.



It was then nice to get out of the sun and have a wander through the Aquarium and Reptile House. These buildings have been around for nearly a hundred years and are such a great part of British history – especially now that the reptile house has featured in Harry Potter too!


We walked through the London Zoo underpass and spent some time looking at the pygmy hippos, otters, zebras and giraffes. It was all an Africa themed area and the children loved it – with LP exclaiming that giraffes were her absolute favourites. We also got to see the giraffes being fed which was quite an experience in itself.




We then went back to the main part of the zoo where the children chose which animals to see next. We loved the gorilla part of the zoo, and got to see a couple of gorillas, one inside and one outside before moving on to the huge tiger and lion enclosures. The tigers were just about visible, asleep in the shade but the lions were everywhere and so easy to see. These were a definite highlight for the children.



The last part of our visit was the Penguin Island which is such a fantastic space for the penguins and a definite improvement on their old pool. You can easily see the penguins on land and in the water and they were a really friendly bunch, performing in front of the windows for us.


We had a wander around the vast London Zoo shop, bought the children yet more cuddly toys and our obligatory magnet souvenir and then made our way to the station to head home.

All in all we had a really lovely day. It was exhausting – as any day in London is – but it was one of the nicest days out we have had in a long time. I’d never thought to visit London Zoo along with another attraction but it worked really well and the children loved feeling like they had two big days out squeezed into one and it definitely makes visiting London more cost effective too!

London Zoo and the London Eye is just one of hundreds of combo ticket options that 365 Tickets has to offer and we will definitely be looking there first when we book any UK days out in the future.


Disclosure: We were invited to the above attractions for the purpose of this post however all opinions are my own.


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