A Curly Wurly Secret!

I have loved Curly Wurlys since childhood and for years they were just that – a thing of childhood, something children love to work their way through on a Sunday afternoon and the biggest treat in their selection box each Christmas.


But then I started my diet journey, and spent years on Weight Watchers. I would live off the amount of points I was allowed, stocking up on fruit and veg and limiting treats to being just that, a treat. But then, my mother-in-law, a Weight Watchers leader, told me a secret. That Curly Wurlys were ‘allowed’ on Weight Watchers. Well, everything’s allowed, in moderation, but Curly Wurlys were only 3 ProPoints. To put this into perspective, I was allowed about 29 ProPoints a day so 3 of those was less than 10% – perfect for a treat.

But the Curly Wurly secrets didn’t end there. I loved them, and ate them all the time after that whilst still managing to lose weight but, something that I had hated since my childhood, was the way that Curly Wurlys would stretch, the chocolate would all fall off and they’d be so hard to bite cleanly. So what’s the secret?

You freeze them.

Yep. Frozen Curly Wurlys!

Not only do frozen Curly Wurlys snap instead of stretch but the chocolate stays in place and they take much longer to eat giving a really long lasting and worthwhile treat, one you can savour and make last whilst watching TV in the evening and having a cup of tea.

For reference, Curly Wurlys are 6 Sins if you’re on Slimming World and they’re 115 calories – just above the 100kcal snack limit on SlimFast – but I still have them on days where I’ve been most active.

So there you have it, don’t just have a Curly Wurly, have a frozen Curly Wurly. I guarantee it will increase your Curly Wurly satisfaction!


12 thoughts on “A Curly Wurly Secret!

  1. This made me lol. I too am a Curly Wurly fan. I’ve never tried freezing them but I have always put them in the fridge cuz I don’t like them already chewy lol. X

  2. My freezer is in the cellar. That feels like a lot of effort scaling up and down the stairs, twice! On second thoughts, that’s extra exercise! Lol. Love them!

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