Controlling your heating the clever way with Hive #HomeWithHive

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I remember growing up, coming home to a cold house after a day out and having to wait an age for the heating to kick in or for the hot water to heat up on bath night. Zoom forward a fair few years and so much has changed, controlling your heating and hot water has never been so easy!

Hive helps you control your heating and hot water wherever you are with the help of the Hive app, text messaging or the online dashboard. It lets you come home to a warm house every time you go out and makes life easier at the touch of a button.


January is the time to make changes, to try something new and to streamline all aspects of your life. Hive makes it effortless to heat your home and control your hot water whatever your lifestyle. It is easy to keep on top of your heating needs whether you are a young family, a shift worker or someone that is away from home travelling a lot. You can set a schedule for your heating or can control it as and when you like from the comfort of your mobile phone or computer – it really couldn’t be simpler.

When you sign up for Hive you pay one set fee of £199 which includes everything you need – The Hub, Receiver and Transmitter as well as installation. The Hive system couldn’t be easier to set up and the fact it has a handy app to operate it wherever you are makes it fit easily into any lifestyle. You don’t even need to be a British Gas customer to have Hive and it works with your existing heating system.

After the initial cost of Hive there are no other costs or subscription fees and being able to monitor and operate your heating and hot water so closely could lead to a saving of up to £150 a year on your energy bill. Hive also has handy Geolocation software to let you know if you’ve gone out and your heating’s still on or if you’re heading home and the house is colder than you would normally like. Hive is the handy heating and hot water helper that everyone should have!

Hive is fun to use, nice to look at and could save you money. If you’re looking for the latest gadget that could make your home more efficient without breaking the bank then Hive could well be it.


I have also been asked by Hive to give away the set that I was sent for review. The winner will receive the Hive Hub, Receiver and Transmitter which have been opened and photographed but are in an “as new” condition. If you would like the chance to win please share this post in a tweet with the following text ‘I’d love to win a @hivehome because it’s smart, saves me money and puts me in control of my life. #HomeWithHive’ and leave a comment beginning with the words ‘I love Hive because…..’ – you can register your entries on the Rafflecopter below and the winner will be selected at random.

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127 thoughts on “Controlling your heating the clever way with Hive #HomeWithHive

  1. I love Hive because because saves me money allows me to control my heating wherever i am #HomeWithHive , perfect when we are rushing out in the morning and i forget to turn the heating down/off and realise if left it on all day…. what a waste of money. and now that buses have free wifi, its perfect for me to access control on the go.

  2. I LOVE HIVE BECAUSE .. Our lives do not fit in with a standard timer. Hive would give us the ability to operate both heating and hot water systems remotely via our SmartPhones or office PC’s. The thought of us being able to turn the heating on before we leave the office appeals SO MUCH. This must be more cost effective, and is certainly more convenient for the way we live. Go Live .. Get Hive.

  3. i love hive because we and the other half are out alot through the day with work so it be nice to be able to time when the heating came on rather than having it on allday .

  4. I love Hive because in this Winter chill
    It would be great to lower my heating bill
    If I was out and about, on the road and away from home
    It would be fantastic to set my heating using my phone
    Or when I’m online working so hard on my pc
    To control my heating with just a touch of a key
    I love new tech and gadgets too
    I love Hive components I really do
    So these are reasons I love Hive to name but a few
    I’d love to win this Hive system all shiny & new

  5. I love hive because I love saving money, also means I can turn the heating in sat my butt instead of walking upstairs lol

  6. I love Hive because its a chance to ensure you have a warm home to come home to without it costing you or the environment too much

  7. I love Hive because there the best and like a Bee hive very efficient and work brillinantly so I’d love to be the Queen Bee of my hive

  8. This seems such a brilliant idea! From what I’ve read this is a super modern flexible heating system, so I could for example set the heating to come on an hour before i get home, from my smart phone whilst I’m still at work lol ! It sounds like it would give me a lot of control over the heating, and hopefully save money too… superb!

  9. I love the flexibility of controlling my heating from my mobile phone. We all lead such busy lives, this will invariably save me loads of money 🙂

  10. I love HIVE because it gives me greater control of my heating system – saving me time, money and making my life simpler!

  11. I love Hive because it is an inexpensive way of being able to control the hot water and heating simply, whenever the need arises to change what you have programmed.

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