Collecting Leaves {The Ordinary Moments}

If there’s one thing the children have loved since they were first able to walk it’s collecting leaves. Wherever we are and whatever we’re doing the children will find leaves to pick up, hold onto and ultimately take home with us, wanting to keep them safe forever.

Both Little Man and LP love to pick up leaves. They’re like homing pigeons where leaves are concerned and even if there are just one or two on the ground the children will find them, picking them up and saving them from their life on the floor.

Those leaves will get scrunched up into pockets or held tightly, waved like flags and then put somewhere for safe keeping – the bottom of a pushchair, the footwell of the car or the change bag. But, the one thing the leaves always have in common is that, as much as the children love them, they are inevitably forgotten about – found crispy and broken days, weeks or even months later.

But, the children don’t mind. Whatever time of year there’s always something to pick up and collect. When winter rolls into spring they’ll pick daisies to make a chain, shoots of grass and dandelions. Their leaf collecting will turn into flower collecting and they’ll be equally as happy – and the flowers will be discarded much like the leaves when something else attracts their attention.

I can’t imagine a day when LP and Little Man don’t notice every time detail of the world around them, picking things up and collecting them. They have done it since their first steps and I know they’ll keep doing it – looking, investigating, saving and collecting. Our two little magpies.

The Ordinary Moments
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15 thoughts on “Collecting Leaves {The Ordinary Moments}

  1. It’s amazing what children seem to be attracted to – at the moment our little girl is obsessed with tea towels!! Whether our kitchen or a grandparents she seeks out the tea towel and that keeps her happily entertained for good while! She’s just started exploring outside and I’m excited for her to be able to pick daisy’s this summer! #ordinarymoments xxx

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