Review: Clangers Home Planet and Clangers Figures

LP and Little Man love Clangers and were excited when we had a surprise delivery of the Clangers Home Planet Play Set and an extra set of Clangers Figures. At just the sight of the Home Planet Playset any Clangers fan would get excited as it’s just so true to the backdrop on the TV show.



The Clangers Home Planet Play Set comes as one main unit with a Clanger figurine and a telescope that fits in one of a few space on the Home Planet. The only problem with the telescope is that it doesn’t stay in place and falls off constantly. Not the best design feature.



Aside from that the Home Planet has many doors to open for Clangers to walk through, a hammock for them to sleep in and a slide to get from the top to the bottom. This is quite a basic toy really and I think with just the one Clanger that comes included in the set children may get bored quickly. Adding an extra set of figures really adds to the play value and would keep children entertained for longer.



The set of Clangers Figurines includes all the favourite characters from the show – with LP loving Tiny and Little Man loving the Soup Dragon. The figures are well made, durable and very true to the TV show so any fan would recognise the characters instantly.



The Clangers toy range would be perfect for any fan of the show. LP and Little Man love to play with the set and the extra figures let them act out stories and play with the Home Planet together – especially as it’s double sided, giving enough room for them both to play at the same time.


The Clangers Home Planet Play Set has an RRP of £24.99 and the Clangers Family Figures have an RRP of £9.99

Disclosure: We were sent the above products for the purpose of this review however all opinions are my own.

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