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I had an email land in my inbox a couple of weeks ago that told me about such an amazing idea – an idea so amazing I thought it was a wind up at first. The email was from Cheese Posties and told me all about their toasted cheese sandwich subscription service.


There is nothing I love more for lunch than a toasted cheese sandwich. It’s such a simple thing but it’s without a doubt my favourite lunch. Cheese Posties have taken that great lunch one step further and created a subscription service that doesn’t just send a toasted cheese sandwich to your door but they have created a whole range of amazing flavours to really get you excited about a cheese toastie. They gave us the chance to review and within a couple of days two Cheese Posties arrived through the door – they’re the right size to fit through your letterbox so perfect if you’re not often in to get deliveries.


Cheese Posties let you specify everything – whether you’re gluten free, vegetarian, allergic to anything or just don’t like certain fillings. They also have sweet or savoury options and as we eat pretty much anything I told them to just surprise me with the fillings. I was sent Veggie Lasagne and Apple Pie flavours which literally blew my mind – I was expecting cheese and ham, cheese and tomato or maybe even cheese and baked bean – not something so different! I couldn’t wait to try them.



Each pack comes complete with a reusable toaster bag which you are sent with every three deliveries. It also has two slices of good quality bread, all the fillings you need, a pot of butter and a card with the type of toastie and what fillings are included – these look like trading cards and would be great to collect to remember your favourites. There’s also a card that gives instructions on how to construct and cook your Cheese Postie in either the toaster or a pan.



I cooked both my toasties in the toaster and the instructions couldn’t have been simpler. Both the toasties were really lovely and the sweet apple pie one was so lovely and warming but perfect when you need a little bit of a sugar hit – this would be great as an evening or mid morning snack.



I love the Cheese Postie concept and am so glad they emailed me. The Cheese Postie varieties are endless and the two we received show just what sort of thing they can create. If you like to have a treat for lunch once week then this could be for you. Cheese Posties cost a maximum of £3.99 per week but the longer you subscribe the cheaper the service – 8 weeks is £30 so £3.75 per Cheese Postie. You may think that’s expensive for what is essentially a toasted cheese sandwich but for the range of fillings, the convenience and the treat factor I don’t think it’s bad at all. Many people spend a lot more than that on lunch at work every day and you could even get it delivered straight to your office!


Disclosure: We were sent the above products for the purpose of this review however all opinions are our own.

142 thoughts on “Review: Cheese Posties

  1. Brie and gorgonzola cheese, caramelized onions, endive, and at the end after it is cooked rocket leaves, my posh and super yummy toastie!

  2. I usually stick with just cheese and onion which is delicious but I am intrigued by the variety available with the cheese posties.

  3. My god .. I thought your post was a wind up… can’t quite believe ‘Cheese Posties’ actually exist. Next You’ll be sending me my Costa, or any other reputable branded overpriced coffee, through the post to go with my ‘cheese postie’. Now that subscription service would be impressive. Back to the question in hand,my favourite toastie filling is cheese and onion.

  4. What a mad idea, but very cool I’d love to have one of these kits delivered to me at work it would def get people talking!!! My all time favourite is a cheese and onion toastie but I would love to try a different flavour!

  5. My mouth is salivating from the thought of toasted cheese,
    I quite often wonder if the perfect sandwich I could freeze.
    But my favourite other items that I would add in
    would be bacon and tomato, I’ll take a picture if I win.

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