Siblings {March 2017}

Each month seems to roll into the next now and it seems like yesterday that I was writing my February siblings post. This month we’ve all noticed the brighter, longer days and the glimpses of sunshine between the rain showers. The weather has been warmer and we’ve all been happier for it – especially LP and Little Man.

When LP wakes up in the morning the first thing she does is look out the window and she says herself that she’s happier when the sun is shining. Her brother follows her lead and when the sun is out you can see it in their personalities – they have more energy and seem to bounce around, embracing the sight of the sun that we have missed so much.

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Siblings {February 2017}

This month has been such a lovely month. Well, it’s been full of house chaos, plastering and a sickness bug but the children have, aside from that, had a lovely month together.

We have had so many little adventures this month. Nothing big just days in the garden, trips to soft play and out to see friends. It has been a month of togetherness and one that LP and Little Man have really enjoyed.

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Siblings {January 2017}

I am so happy this month to be not only joining in with Siblings for another year but also co-hosting it. It’s a linky I’ve loved since it started – when Little Man was just a few months old. It’s one of the things that keeps my blog focused on the children, their milestones and their relationship and I’m honoured that Lucy has asked me to be part of the Siblings team this year.

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Siblings {December 2016}

I can’t believe it’s our last Siblings post of the year. I’ve loved documenting the children growing together and this year – although they don’t look massively different to last January – they have both grown and learnt so much.

This year has been the best year yet for LP and Little Man. They have been able to play together, they can share toys and they even share clothes at times – they are practically the same size. This year they have been each other’s shadows and it has been a great year to watch.

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Siblings {November 2016}

This month has flown by – again. I think once you have children each month just rolls into the next and life seems to be on fast forward. But, this month the children have spent quite a lot of time together and since leaving my day job I’ve been able to spend a lot more time with them too. It’s been a pretty good month.


November really is all about wooly hats, wrapping up warm, having autumn adventures and spending time at home, snuggling, watching movies and drinking hot chocolate. November is always a bit of a gap fill month – with none of the bright colours and things of October and not quite Christmas but it is still one of my favourites.



We have spent November relaxing, doing crafts, breaking out the Christmas movies, seeing friends and having simple fun. It’s been a lovely month, one of warmth, togetherness and enjoying just the basic things in life. It’s been a pretty ordinary month really – having our extension started, buying Christmas presents and singing songs together.

November – you have been nice. A really nice month – and we now have December to look forward to!


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