Celebrating the Seasons with Baker Ross

We love crafting and LP and Little Man love having a reason to craft. At this time of year they like to make things for Fathers Day – for their Daddy and Grandad – as well as making things that remind them of summer. Baker Ross sent us a whole box of crafts to get into the Fathers Day and Summer spirit and we loved making crafts as a family.

Little Man and LP love any excuse to get the paints out and loved painting key holders and keyrings – although LP decided that instead of a Fathers Day crown keyring it would be a princess crown for her book bag at school! I’m sure we’ll paint more before Fathers Day.




The Baker Ross craft kits are all so well made – with the wood being easy to paint on and not too absorbent, letting even LP and Little Man get a nice finish on their artwork. The key holders were easy to put together and came with everything we needed to create a beautiful gift.




The children also had a good go at drawing themselves on face shaped cards. LP loved colouring in her ginger hair and blue eyes and Little Man just loved having a scribble – any excuse to show his creative side.


Two things the children needed help with was painting a ceramic elephant. LP was happy to direct, telling me which colours to paint as she’d already decided on a rainbow effect. The elephant turned out really well and the paints gave it a lovely shiny finish without needing to fire it or anything.



They also needed help making pom pom animals – which Hubby loved making for them… These were quite time consuming but made really lovely decorations when they were finished.


LP and Little Man loved our crafting session this week and are already asking to make more crafts. I am sure that we’ll be getting the paints back out asap!


Disclosure: We were sent the above crafts for the purpose of this post however all opinions are my own.

Review: Getting Ready for Easter with Asda

We love Easter and it’s one time of year that the children love to make crafts and celebrate the season. Asda sent us a big bag full of Easter crafts to test out and LP was beside herself – she loves any excuse to get crafty.


Asda’s Easter range is lovely, with something for everyone and I know that nearer easter I’ll have fun putting Easter baskets together with all the fillings and things that Asda offer.


LP’s favourite thing was the Velvet Art sheet which is something I remember fondly from my own childhood. The velvet lines really helped her colour within the shapes and she really enjoyed this new style of colouring in.



Little Man helped me make Rabbit Glasses and really, having made many similar sets like this over the last few years it would have been nice if the pieces had sticky backing as literally everything needed gluing and there wasn’t any glue supplied. It also meant we had to leave the glasses to dry for quite a while before he could wear them properly. The finished result was lovely though and Little Man loved making them with me.



Little Man also really enjoyed sticking the Glittery Easter Stickers everywhere and LP loved that they sparkled. I was impressed that the stickers were really thick, almost like card, which makes them perfect for a multitude of uses and stopped them being ripped easily.


LP’s favourite Easter craft was painting the window hanger. She loves painting and having her own little pots of paint was lovely – it was so easy to paint and it couldn’t dry quick enough!


Overall we loved Asda’s Easter range. Everything was great fun and really good value. We’ll be keeping a look out in the shops for more Asda Easter crafts over the coming weeks.


Disclosure: We were sent the above products for the purpose of this review however all opinions are my own.

Review: Valentines and Mothers Day Crafts with Baker Ross

We love doing crafts in the afternoons now – they’re the perfect way to wind down after LP has come home from school and Little Man is at an age where he can really get involved too. We always love doing seasonal crafts and have had fun creating things with Valentines Day and Mothers Day in mind.

We love Baker Ross as many of their crafts come in kits that contain everything you need to create something beautiful. LP and Little Man loved making lanterns and only needed minimal adult help to put the finished lantern together at the end.


They loved pushing through all the shapes in the side of the lanterns and really enjoyed sticking tissue paper down too. A really great craft for their ages and lovely finished lanterns too.


Another activity the children loved was decorating wooden hanging hearts. They first drew around their heart on a foam sheet which I cut out for them before we stuck one to each side of the heart. They then decorated their heart in stickers.



LP loved this activity but Little Man struggled to stick his stickers on as they were quite little – next time I’ll get bigger stickers just for him.


One thing the children were a bit little for was the bead flower shapes but this is something I loved as a child and decided to have a go at myself. Putting beads onto the special frame was quite relaxing and it still feels like magic when you iron the beads and they all stick together, creating a piece of colourful artwork that can be kept and displayed or even used as a coaster. LP has insisted on keeping her new flower next to her bed.


The last craft that we did, and easily the children’s favourite, was making wall art from some Baker Ross frames. We simply got LP and Little Man to make hand prints with paint and they now have their very own personalised canvas style prints in their rooms. I love them and think we’ll recreate them every year or so.


baker Ross really do have crafts that are perfect for any time of year and we have loved getting into the spirit of Valentines, Mothers Day and spring with the help of Baker Ross.

Disclosure: We were sent the above products for the purpose of this post however all opinions are my own.

Review: Bumble Box

I love a subscription box, especially one the children can get involved in so when we were introduced to Bumble Box I couldn’t have been more excited. Bumble Box gives everything you need for hours of fun family time all in one box delivered directly to your door.


Bumble Box contains enough activities for 3-5 hours of great quality family fun and contains literally everything you could need to complete the activities. When our Bumble Box arrived I was impressed that even though it contained so much it could still fit straight through our letterbox – perfect for a busy family who may not be home to take deliveries.


Our Bumble Box had a castle theme to it and contained everything we needed for three activities. The first one we tried was making catapults which the children needed a hand with but once they were complete they loved playing with them to fire cotton wool across the room!


The second activity was to Storm The Castle – creating a castle wall from chairs, string and masking tape. The children then sat on either side of this castle wall and spent two minutes throwing soft balls and cuddly toys at each other. I have never heard Little Man laugh so hard!


The last activity was to make a castle from boxes and other recycling items but I have had a shortages of boxes this week – strange for me who usually gets lots of deliveries – and so we are saving that activity for a quiet day over the Christmas holidays. Other than the boxes, the Bumble Box contains everything you need to make a beautiful castle!

The Bumble Box also included a bonus activity of bulbs to plant – such a lovely touch and something that kids will love doing when we get outside. This bonus activity just shows the variety that Bumble Box offers.


The children have loved the Bumble Box activities and I know this is the sort of thing they would love to have through the door each month – or even just as a treat during school holidays. The variety is fantastic and it gets the whole family working together to complete activities – such great quality family time.

The Bumble Box has an RRP of £16.99 per month

Disclosure: We were sent the above box for the purpose of this review however all opinions are my own.

Review: Baker Ross Christmas

LP and Little Man love doing crafts and although they can’t do everything by themselves yet they love it when Hubby and I help them to create something exciting so when Baker Ross sent us some Christmas crafts the children couldn’t wait to get started.


The first thing we made were Polystyrene Snowmen. These are a simple idea of a polystyrene ball glued on to a polystyrene base and then decorated. We only managed to get one of the snowman’s hats to work but Little Man didn’t mind his having a bare head.




We then made Penguin Window Hangers. This is an activity LP really enjoys although it can be fiddly cutting out the different shapes of see-through plastic. LP loved gluing the pieces on, picking the colours and then seeing her finished hanger dangling in the window.


We were also sent Christmas Buckets to make which were the easiest of all the activities and something that LP and Little Man now carry around the house with them. I love the variety in the Baker Ross packs to let the children have different designs – Little Man loves his Snowman Bucket!




We’ve also been colouring in Christmas hangers and making photo frames. The whole Baker Ross Christmas range is fantastic with so many lovely activities – and it’s all great value too!



Disclosure: We were sent the above products to use in this post however all opinions are my own.