PlayMais Classic Review and Giveaway

LP and Little Man love anything creative – they paint, colour and draw pretty much constantly. Every day involves something arty and so when we were sent PlayMais to try out they couldn’t wait to get going and create something bright and colourful!

PlayMais Classic Review and Giveaway

PlayMais is unlike anything we have used before. It comes as one box of materials and some activity cards to get started. The materials look like brightly coloured packing beads and I wondered how we would create anything using them. But PlayMais are so simple to use that you don’t need much creative ability to get going.

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Baker Ross Summer Crafts

Over the last couple of weeks the children and I have been getting into the summer spirit with Baker Ross, making all sorts of crafts that are bright and colourful – full of the joys of summer.

One thing I loved making with them was sand art pictures. We were sent self adhesive seaside postcards and bags of coloured sand and it was easy to peel sections from the pictures and then pour sand on, changing colours as you completed different sections.


I’m always a little put out when craft sets need glue so the self adhesive element of these postcards made them not only super easy but also pretty mess free too – aside from the sand. The children made four different sand art pictures between them in an afternoon and really enjoyed it.


An activity the children could do pretty much by themselves was the Elephant Mosaic Magnet kits which they spent an afternoon making. The kits have everything you need to make the magnets including googly eyes which the children loved.


I was amazed that even Little Man, who’s just turned three, could stick the tiny mosaic pieces on by himself and the whole activity kept him entertained throughout – both him and LP really enjoyed it.


We also made really pretty notebooks – another set of kits that have everything you need – and another activity that the children could pretty much do by themselves. They both loved sticking the foam shapes in the right places and once finished they had really cute notepads to write and draw in.


Baker Ross crafts are the perfect way to give the children something different to do, keep them entertained and let them use their creative side. I know that when the summer holidays finally arrive we’ll be stocking up on Baker Ross kits to give us something to do during down time or on the rainy days that we’re bound to have every so often.


Disclosure: We were sent the above crafts to include in this post however all opinions are my own.

Review: BIC Kids Colouring Activity Kit

LP and Little Man love drawing, colouring and generally being creative so when we were sent the new BIC Kids Colouring Activity Kit to review they were pretty excited – especially as it had an Alvin and the Chipmunks theme to it.


The Activity Kit contains all the children need to have many quality colouring in sessions with crayons, felt tips and pencils as well as a glue stick and a pad of activity pages.


The activity pad had colouring in sheets, games and stand up chipmunks to colour in, cut out and stick together. LP loved that it had girl characters as well as the three main boy chipmunks and she was happy to colour them in one after the other.


The BIC crayons, pencils and felt tips are all great quality and easy for the children to hold. They’re long lasting and I know from experience that the crayons don’t break easily like other brands do – we are huge fans in our house already.


The whole BIC Kids Colouring Activity Kit is perfect for rainy days, quiet time or a lazy afternoon and it has everything the children need to keep them entertained for an hour or so at a time. They’ve really enjoyed using the set and the crayons, pencils and felt tips will last long after they have run out of activity sheets!

The BIC Kids Colouring Activity Kit has an RRP of £9.99


Disclosure: We were sent the above product for the purpose of this review however all opinions are my own.

Review: Squiggle Dot & Squeeze Craft Box

LP absolutely loves crafting so when Squiggle Dot & Squeeze got in contact to introduce us to their beautiful range of craft boxes I knew that she would love them. Squiggle Dot & Squeeze have a range of six different craft boxes, all with a theme and all of which are personalised for the recipient too.

LP was sent the Time to Travel box to review and it couldn’t have been better timing. With our first holiday abroad coming up in the summer LP doesn’t need much of a push to start getting excited about it so travel based crafts would definitely get her in the holiday spirit.


The Squiggle Dot & Squeeze Time to Travel Box arrived well packaged and included enough materials for four different activities – all of which created things that could be used and enjoyed for a long time to come. The sleeve of the craft box also had the instructions printed on the reverse – a great way of saving paper!


LP let Little Man help with most of the crafts and between them, with a little help from me, they managed to create so many beautiful things! The first craft was making a bucket full of sherbet – mixing ingredients, adding hundreds and thousands, filling the bucket with it and then eating it with a mini spade! A craft that all children would love.



The children then made their very own beach using the box that the crafts arrived in. The box included materials to make sea as well as the beach, fish to add to the sea and shells for the beach as well as umbrellas, a beach ball and the bucket and spade from the earlier activity.


The children loved creating their beach and I know that they’ll be adding to it and playing with it all the way through the spring and summer. It’s a great sensory activity and something the children really enjoyed making.


The children also made origami boats to add to the beach and this is something they could easily make in future using their own triangles of paper. I love that Squiggle Dot & Squeeze has given us inspiration for future craft activities and is teaching the children things that will stay with them for years.



The children got to colour in a glider which has provided hours of entertainment since! Lastly, the children decorated a money box with road maps and plane tickets. The children love money boxes and saving pennies and the children now have their very own holiday savings pot!



Squiggle Dot & Squeeze gave the children so much to do and so many crafts to create. We have used craft boxes in the past and most are a subscription based box whereas Squiggle Dot & Squeeze just create beautiful one off craft boxes for any child and any occasion. These would make a wonderful school holiday treat, a great birthday gift or something nice to do on a random weekend.

The range of Squiggle Dot & Squeeze boxes is also great for most ages of children and gives options for both boys and girls, making them a really lovely and versatile gift.

Squiggle Dot & Squeeze have an RRP of £15.00

Disclosure: We were sent the above box for the purpose of this review however all opinions are my own.

Review: Petit Collage Pop Out and Colour Castle

Little Man and LP were sent the Petit Collage Pop Out and Colour Castle from Bigjigs Toys as their latest Play Patrol review product. The children have never had a toy before which they need to colour in and then put together so this was sure to be a really new experience for them.


The Petit Collage Pop Out and Colour Castle comes in a really sturdy recycled card box and incorporates four thick card boards with pop out castle shapes as well as a sheet of stickers and colouring pencils. The set gives everything you need to make your own castle play set.


The castle pieces are easier to colour in if you leave them attached to the boards and pop them out after. The boards are double sided so with eight sides to colour they give a lot of colouring time. The children shared the colouring in and between them coloured the boards and popped out the shapes ready to make the castle.




The castle easily slots together and has instructions on which pieces go where to make it as simple as possible. Once constructed the castle is really hard wearing and solid and also includes a horse and prince and princess figures.



Once constructed the whole play set gives children a whole platform to explore imaginative play and create stories around. LP and Little Man love anything involving castles and princesses so the Petit Collage Pop Out and Colour Castle has been a hit with them form the start.



The Petit Collage Pop Out and Colour Castle would keep children entertained for hours with the colouring in and construction side and then creates a really worthwhile toy that could last indefinitely if well looked after.

The Petit Collage Pop Out and Colour Castle has an RRP of £8.99


Disclosure: We were sent the above product for the purpose of this review however all opinions are my own.