PlayMais Classic Review and Giveaway

LP and Little Man love anything creative – they paint, colour and draw pretty much constantly. Every day involves something arty and so when we were sent PlayMais to try out they couldn’t wait to get going and create something bright and colourful!

PlayMais Classic Review and Giveaway

PlayMais is unlike anything we have used before. It comes as one box of materials and some activity cards to get started. The materials look like brightly coloured packing beads and I wondered how we would create anything using them. But PlayMais are so simple to use that you don’t need much creative ability to get going.

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Enjoying Beauty and the Beast Toys from Jakks Pacific

LP couldn’t have been more excited last weekend when an amazing delivery from Jakks Pacific arrived. We are very much in the Beauty and the Beast spirit at the moment, just so excited by the release of the new movie, that LP just couldn’t contain herself when she opened the parcel to find a beautiful Ballroom Belle doll, an Enchanted Rose Jewellery Box, a Enchanted Objects Tea Set and a Disney Princess Magazine.

LP couldn’t wait to unpack Belle. She loved her dress, her shoes and her beautiful hairstyle. She could pose her arms and legs, make her stand or sit and the fact that she looked just like Belle from the movie made her even more special. LP loved having her very own little Belle to play with, dance with, have tea parties with and even have sleepovers with.

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Getting into the Beauty and the Beast Spirit!

Beauty and the Beast is one of the children’s favourite movies and with the new live action movie coming out soon we are all pretty excited – we’ve loved Disney’s other remakes and it’s not often a new version of one of your favourite movies gets released.

To celebrate the launch of the new Beauty and the Beast the children were sent some treats from Disney – a Village Dress Belle Doll and Tree Necklace. Both were beautifully packaged and would make wonderful gifts.

LP loved her new necklace. It is on a gold effect cord with a traditional necklace clasp and is really intricately designed with gems hanging from the tree branches. LP has literally only taken it off for bed time and school since it arrived and it is very much fine jewellery to her rather than being something you wear when dressing up – it makes her feel like such a little lady.

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Review: Dreamworks Trolls Hug Time Poppy

Ever since we saw the Trolls movie LP has been obsessed with everything Trolls related – especially when it comes to her favourite character – Poppy. So when Hug Time Poppy arrived for her to review she couldn’t wait to get her out the box – and even asked if she could give her a cuddle before I took photos of her!

Review: Dreamworks Trolls Hug Time Poppy

Hug Time Poppy comes with a bracelet for LP to wear which looks just like Poppy’s one from the movie. In the movie it lights up when it’s ‘hug time’ and with the toy version LP can press the flower on the bracelet to interact with Poppy – setting off lights in her hair and getting her to talk and sing.

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Review: Orchard Toys – Cheeky Monkeys

LP and Little Man love games from Orchard Toys and so when the new Cheeky Monkeys game arrived they couldn’t wait to play. It’s aimed at age four to eight and like all Orchard Toys games it’s educational as well as fun.

Review: Orchard Toys - Cheeky Monkeys

The Cheeky Monkey game has a three dimensional cardboard tree that the game play revolves around. There’s then a pool card, a spinner and a lot of cheeky monkey cards. Each of the cheeky monkeys is holding bananas and it’s with these bananas that the game is won – depending on who collects the most.

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