Review: Philips Health Watch

There are so many smart watches and activity trackers around that it can be hard to find the perfect one to suit your needs. Philips recently sent us their Health Watch, which, as the name suggests, has health at the heart of everything it does.

The Philips Health Watch does everything you would expect from an activity tracker – monitoring your steps as well as your heart rate and quality of your sleep. But rather than just monitoring your heart rate whilst you’re active it also shows your natural resting heart rate and heart rate zones. The watch also estimates your heart rate recovery and really helps you to understand and monitor how your body works, making it easy to flag if there’s a problem or if you should have a rest or slow down.

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Review: Venturer EliteWin S 11K Mini Laptop

Last year we reviewed a Venturer notebook computer and when the new model was announced we couldn’t wait to try it out. As a tech loving family we really enjoying testing the latest gadgets and the Venturer EliteWin S 11K was a pretty exciting delivery.

Review: Venturer EliteWin S 11K Mini Laptop

The Venturer EliteWin S 11K is the latest in a great line of 2-in-1 Mini Laptops from Ventura. It features an 11.6 inch touch screen, 2GB of RAM and 32GB of internal storage. It also boasts an Intel Atom processor for multitasking, cameras on the front and back of the screen for pictures, Skype etc. It also has a MicroSD card slot, a mini HDMI output and a micro USB port for on the go charging. Throw in an 8hr battery life and it’ll keep you online all day. In short, it has everything that one would expect for a top end laptop aimed at people on the go or even for children to do their homework on. A 64GB microSD is also included in the box so there is ample storage space for all of your digital needs – music, important documents, games, movies and TV shows.

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Adding Music to our Bathtimes with the Panasonic ALL05

LP and Little Man love having a bath. It’s always been one of their favourite times of the day. A time when we get them washed as quickly as we can so they can play for as long as possible – splashing, singing and laughing with each other.

But we’ve recently added something else to our bath time routine – music! Using the Panasonic ALL05 we’re able to play the children their favourite nursery rhymes, chart music or songs that Hubby and I love from years gone by. We combine our shared tastes in music and it adds an extra routine to bath time.

Adding Music to our Bathtimes with the Panasonic ALL05

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Review: Electric Jukebox

Just before Christmas we were sent an Electric Jukebox to try out. The Electric Jukebox is a streaming music service for your TV. In the pack you get the Electric Jukebox dongle that you plug in to your TV via an HDMI port, a small HDMI extension lead and a microphone remote controller. Yes, you read that correctly!

Review: Electric Jukebox

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Review: TomTom Go 5200 – More than ‘just’ a Sat Nav!

The TomTom Go 5200 is a new portable SatNav from probably one of the most trusted and recognised names in navigation. It boasts a five inch touch screen, voice activation, real time traffic updates and a host of new features.

Review: TomTom Go 5200 - More than 'just' a Sat Nav!

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